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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Hey! Oompa Loompa is a pejorative term. We prefer proletariat. :wink:


So with Jakarta down that leaves 3 more. Any news on the ticket in Hamilton?


Three more? There were only 10 tickets and 8 photos were already posted. Only Hamilton and Moscow left.


It’s Saturday. Ronnie never does arithmetic on Saturday.


It’s HUGE and I’ve looked at it from every side (it can’t be reached by conventional means). Anyway, thanks for your encouragement!


I thought London was still out there too.


Yes. I’ve just counted and there are 11 different cities!


Have you tried looking directly down from its position. “Under” can also have that meaning in English.


Yes, my command of the language is good enough to realize that (and it’s difficult to judge what “under” means in this case, since there are several underground floors).


Sorry. I wasn’t trying to insult your English. I just know multiple meanings like the ones generally used in riddles don’t always translate well.

Has anyone asked someone in the museum about it? The doors are under the hammer and sickle. It could be that you just need to go in and ask.


Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow morning. (Or splinterfm beats me to it, which I’m totally fine with). Anyway, absolute bewilderment is the only emotion I saw on museum workers’ faces after I’d asked them).


Hmmm. OK. Sorry. I’m grasping here.


I think you and splinterfm should make a deal, that whichever of you finds it should take a picture of it in place so the other can see where it actually was.


That would be the Riff Raff statue in Victoria Street! Good clue.


Mr. Millar, we would really appreciate a little clue for Moscow. We tried everything and discussed in PM but we’re out of ideas. All of my other ideas might end up with troubles with security so I don’t really want to try them.


One of my family working in Russia and I’ve just checked with him. He’s going to nip along tomorrow and be sure. Will keep you posted?

Is that every other place now found? Astonishing. Well done to all the winners!!



Thanks a lot! He might just give you a little more information on where EXACTLY the treasure is, so you can give us a new little clue, like a nod in a right direction so we can find it ourselves. And he is really good in hiding something!


I think London is still in play too.


know exactly where London’s must be-- on my way there now! Would be surprised if no one has beaten me there…


Good luck