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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Hahaha. I get it now “A message for you Rudy”. What was the password?


Jupiter’s Legacy


slaps palm to forehead

Well done!


Under the bench outside the store!


Sounds like Chicago has just been found! PM me your details so we can get things arranged.


Damn. That’s exactly where I thought it was.


Anyone from Jakarta, Indonesia?


Melbourne found


Doh, why did you guys have to hide the golden tickets in the Chicago suburbs? I’m in the city and can’t physically make it out that far cuz of mobility issues, boohoo :sob:


This is all very exciting. Hamilton, Jakarta, Moscow and London still appear to be up for grabs.

Will little Charlie and Grandpa Joe find their Golden Ticket before they’re all gone? :wink:


I am! We’re gathering clues on the Twitter account @Komrikmania, come and join, see if we can figure something out. So far we’ve pegged the location as SCBD Fairgrounds, all we need to figure out is what or where Royker’s body is.


Annoyingly, I have a very good idea where the Melbourne one is.

Pity I’m thousands of kilometres away.

EDIT: Ah, see I was beaten almost instantly anyway.


My eagle-eyed wife spotted it!


I hear Hamilton may be gone as well(it’s 1 am there so we might not get a photo for a while)


Muscovite here. It’s not at the French pilots memorial and the people at the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman museum have no idea about this. I’m out of ideas.


If it’s any help, the people at the Dragon’s Lair comic store here in Fayetteville (it was under their sign in the parking lot) didn’t have a clue about the location of the ticket. If there’s a sign outside the museum with a sickle on it, I’d consider looking under that.


This is such a cool idea, now if we could get Mark to cosplay Willy Wonka it would be the icing on the cake! :wink:


Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that he’s too busy managing his large staff of Oompa Loompas to make time for that. :wink:


Gar’s got the height, just working on the orange tan, I believe.


The Millarworld factory: