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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Any more found? How did the guys in Moscow get on?


We gave up a long time ago. I’ve checked every sickle and hammer at this place and no luck.
My friend left with me and another guy we’ve met left before us. I’m not sure if anyone else is looking and it’s 10PM in Moscow now. Maybe they should post a photo or be a little more specific about this place or we could just wait and see what happens.


I’m not from Moscow and have no idea where it is actually hidden but I think a quick internet search would get you pretty close. At least from an American perspective, the piece that I think it is associated with seems pretty iconic.


I think we also have to consider other variables - like people picking them up and not knowing what they were, people thinking they were trash and clearing them away…did anyone find London?!


Los Angeles has been found! (And Jeffrey wasn’t working today >.< )


Sure. You can send it to any of the mods.


So that’s Glasgow, Dublin, Fayetteville and Los Angeles. We still have Melbourne, Hamilton, Jakarta, Moscow, Chicago, London and NYC left, right?


nyc found


No Canada? I feel left out and forgotten :sob:


Of course, it was in the sterile meeting room!


Which pig were you in front of this morning out of curiosity?


Yellow one.


Yes, you mentioned that but since NYC’s been found, I was curious as to where in NY is there a yellow pig?


It was at Rudy’s Bar & Grill. The pig with a yellow jacket was a beer they had on tap.


So here? Just found these images online.


Haha awesome. Congrats again Alex!


Yup, I wandered around looking for a yellow jacket hanging up. When I couldn’t find it I gave up and ordered a beer. That’s when I realized what the clue was about… It also helped that the clue about the bars name had to do with one of my favorite bands.


Where was it? Spent 30 minutes looking around…


You had to order the beer and give the password


Brutal…ordered the beer, didn’t know the password.