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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


I have a feeling where the NYC one is but with some other posts here, it doesn’t look like its there. Either way, think i’ll head down for some lunch there.


the sniper wolf attire is one to show off. :slight_smile:


I said in my first post about the location that it wasn’t open yet and wouldn’t open until the evening, expecting special treatment over this little treasure hunt is incredibly entitled.


All in good time.


Looks like I left the Chicago area a little too soon! :frowning:
Congratulations Chris, this ones for you!


Haha I’m not. I tried now I’m going home but I think it would’ve been better in a more accessible place. There was no way I could wait til 5 nor did I want to.


I guess I might jump on a bus so and try my luck at the Dublin one so. Assuming there’s no one else floating toward it.


If it is any encouragement, I have absolutely no clue where it is…so that’s one less person.

Good Hunting!


Will you post more clues if people won’t find anything today?
Moscow clue doesn’t help at all as this place is just huge and security didn’t like us at all so we had to leave for today but I might go back tomorrow.


Dublin! Congrats Cian.


Dang it! Well done man.


Having a beer here in the Thomas House in Dublin with my Golden Ticket - thanks Mark, Issue 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 is excellent!


Just signed up to post this, I found the Fayetteville NC one outside the awesome Dragon’s Lair comic shop.


Hope you stick around. This is a pretty cool place.


Anyone find LA yet? I want to go but I won’t have a car to get into LA until tomorrow!


Welcome!! Hope you stick around here!


My mom’s in LA but I don’t have the heart to send her hunting at 76. :wink:


I think I shall, do I dm you with my address & stuff?


just had a burger at a bar in NYC. Had sawdust on the floor but i couldn’t find anything. Think its probably one of the more famous bars.


Yes. You can DM any mod.