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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Ok no one has posted the comic pic and I’m in the right bar!! What now?


Mate I don’t know - look for it?!?


There is no where to look with out going behind the bar?? Has it defo not been found in Glasgow?


They would have posted the pic to win the prize


Is the different coloured eyes a clue for glasgow?



Congratulations Chris.


Well done Chris!


ZING! Yussss, good old reliable Inn Deep.


Mark, now that tis over, tell us the location of Dublin, as curiosity is fierce.


Umm…it’s not over. There are still more to find.


oh nice, deleting the comment then. thought it was one only, but if tis one per city, that’s awesome!


My old MW login doesn’t work anymore so had to create a new one. Dublin one remains uncollected as the location doesn’t open until 5pm. It’s a treasure hunt, not a treasure give. Banging on the door won’t get it. Also, when you get in you have to find the place, not just ask for it. The hints are there. Especially the last few words. If they mean nothing then Google is your friend. Particularly google images.


Can I 100% second bombidol here!!!


That was Glasgow by the looks of it. Dublin in running. It’s on the south side of the city to help you narrow it down.


Having a lovely beer here for breakfast in front of the yellow pig here in NYC. No sawdust on the floor for what it’s worth. No clue either.


If I was cosplaying as a sniper, do you think I’d allow myself to be seen?


It’s like the old joke:

“Private! I didn’t see you at camouflage class this morning!”

“Thank you, sir!”


Dublin is definitely a disgrace. We spent hours running around and solved the clues. If I was let in I would’ve found it. Expecting me to sit on the street in the rain for nearly 3hrs is a joke. i asked nicely to be let in and abruptly told to go away. Very disappointed to get there solving the clue and told to pretty much F off.


The last clues in Dublin relate to the punk band misfits and skeleton arms. Best of luck to whoever gets it :slight_smile: