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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Help!!! Anymore clues??


I’m gonna kill someone, write me in jail!


have done some poking on your behalf. will see if it gets results!
Or try them on twitter


I knocked on the door, dude opened it and wouldn’t let me in. Open at 5 go away kind of thing. I’m so pissed! We’ve spent the day in Dublin, soaked to the bone and found the venue. If I was Hit Gurl I’d destroy the place :joy::rage::thinking:


anyone wearing a sniper wolf costume there?


maybe that’s someone else on the hunt trying to throw you off.


Is there a pic clue for glasgow?


You’re in the right place, I just gave a nudge to the person I entrusted with it - apparently it’s hidden! That’s all I’ve been told!


So they are cool with me looking about?


I assume so…? Look for a guy with different coloured eyes


Rachael…You left it with David Bowie?..But he’s dead :scream:


We said it was buried treasure!


No more clues for NYC. I want to put my Batman cap on and think this baby through. I have ideas but I’m surely not sharing. Good luck to all on the hunt!


David bowie the clue for glasgow?


No! No David Bowie! Don’t listen to Simon!


Shit so what’s a glasgow clue?


Ever. About anything.


To be fair. I’m a little disappointed that Simon hasn’t been in Dublin since 5am today hunting for the book.


I gave you three excellent clues originally! It’s definitely there, I’ve just checked. That’s if you are in the right bar…


It’s quite wet today and I’m supposed to be working…I’m posting on Millarword, so I’m not actually doing that, but I am giving a good approximation of that.