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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


Would love to see pictures once you guys get your packages. Any chance you could post them here?


I can try :slight_smile:


Whoaaah! Thank you for the update. Will post here once i received them.


Never been so elated and gutted in the same moment!! Doorbell rings, opens door to postman with package FOLDED IN HALF!!!


Wow, that looks amazing, Chris.


Yea, just gutted with the giant crease across it!


I can imagine. I don’t think it scraps the piece though. Sketches from Frank Quitely are extremely rare. I’ve had signatures smear and other works from writers and artists get damaged. I know it’s heartbreaking. I think you have to choose to think of it a provenance for the work and your relationship with it. I certainly don’t value those pieces less and actually the memory is probably stronger in my mind.


I know and understand. My provenance is that Royal Mail suck every time I look at it! It’s never something I’m ever going to sell so value doesn’t mean anything. Just to never get it in good condition Royaly sucks .


I understand. I meant to add the caveat not to take my commentary as telling you how you should feel.


BLOODY ROYAL MAIL! Does anyone else have theirs?!


Mine arrived today


Sweet. Thanks for posting it, Dave. I like the full layout with the original golden ticket.


Thanks for posting guys love seeing more FQ art.


Can I please use this on the Instagram? You can email me at


It arrived this morning! I absolutely love it! It made my day!


Very nice. Thank you for sharing, Nick.


@cian_t, @DominusNoctis, @Alexd, @Dean, @iskandarsalim, @Gazman76 - Anyone else receive your packages?


i have yet to receive the package. Guess it takes longer because i’m in Indonesia.


Hey Ronnie, nothing so far I’m afraid.


It should be with you by now!