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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


We’re mid Jupiter’s 4 pages right now, but pinning the elusive Mr Quitely down in the next week to do the sketches.

Everything is signed, just need the sketches. I’m itching to get them to you also!


Still waiting my friends, still haven’t forgotten! Working on tracking down Mr Q.


No, no, Rachael. This is a Quitely We do not track them, that simply does not work. The elusive Quitely is a fast critter (yeah, yeah, shaddap) when it comes to dodging pursuers. You’re an editor. At this point, you basically have no shot. No, the elusive Quitely is not tracked; rather, it must be trapped. Large piles of money are good, as is the most reliable: beer. Luring the elusive Quitely is the task of a meisterjaeger. Look for the natural environment - the hot tub or crowded atelier. Still no Quitely? Be patient, this is a shy creature.


Hey all, has there been any sight of this Quitely creature since?


@Rachael_Millarworld @RonnieM @Mark_Millar We’re running on over 5 months now, any updates for this?..


yeah, any update?


All winners should have a top secret DM from me!


Rachel, I never got a DM from you?


Any update on the sketches?


@Rachael_Millarworld @RonnieM
Don’t want to be THAT guy…but do we have any updates on this? Last time we got the PM in November, but still radio silence otherwise, and we’re coming up on 10 months later since the contest.


The art has been delayed in the same way Jupiters Legacy 5 has been delayed. It’s not planned, but it’s also something Frank isn’t discussing in public. I have no doubt it’ll come eventually, and I suspect Frank will make sure it’s fantastic when it comes to make up for the delay.


Howdy folks! Guess what we posted yesterday…!!!

Thanks for your patience. We’ve had torn tendons, illness, accidents, one of us even went into a coma (not kidding) so as you can imagine the priority has been getting everyone patched up, Jupiter’s Legacy completed and off to press and then get your artwork sent to you.

So double great news…you get your art and Jupiter’s Legacy 2#5 is complete! It’s been hard to update you, as I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but the issues and art were sent recorded delivery yesterday.

Mark and Vin signed a bunch of issues/variants from JL 1 and 2, all picked at random so everyone gets a wee surprise. No two sketches are the same, they are uniquely yours and signed by Mr Quitely.

It feels great to finally write this post! Enjoy them and send me the pics of you and your artwork to our new Instagram : mark_millar_millarworld or the MW FB so I can post them to the world!


Jupiter's Legacy 2 #5

That’s exciting, Rachael. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets.


That’s awful to hear about all the problems that everyone is dealing with, but I’m happy to hear that things are finally getting better for all of you! I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail!


Pleased to report Pete Doherty is doing better and with intense physio has been getting a lot of movement back after his stroke. He was in that coma for several weeks and it was a scary time.



@Chrissomerville, @cian_t, @Lemurion, @DominusNoctis, @Alexd, @Nhartz2, @Dean, @iskandarsalim, @Gazman76 - Thought you all might like to read Rachael’s post about if you haven’t already.


My last job was running a head trauma re-entry (to the community) facility. We had lots of stroke cases. Please send Pete - and his supportive family - my very best!


Glad to hear he’s doing better.


Thank you so much for the update, everyone - sorry to hear someone is unwell too, sending positive vibes, guys


Health an happiness first an foremost!! Can’t wait!