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Jupiter's Legacy Golden Ticket Winners Post Here!!!


~Have you got a Golden Ticket?~

X marks the spot for MARK MILLAR fans today as they follow clues to uncover hidden comic-book treasure around the globe on Friday June 24.

Millarworld spies have been working overnight in Glasgow, Jakarta, Chicago, Dublin, Melbourne, New York City, LA, London……hiding secret copies of brand-new Millarworld release Jupiter’s Legacy 2 Issue 1.

The first to find the secret books AND POST A PIC BELOW WITH THEM HOLDING IT will win their own signed copy of the comic as well as a personalised sketch by the comic-book industry’s top artist FRANK QUITELY.

My post below will lead fans to their treasure, via a combination of photos, poems and written clues.

Skip to several posts down as some people have been posting here before they should have*

For those not lucky enough to reach the golden tickets, Millar is also offering a FREE download of the FIRST FIVE ISSUES of Jupiter’s Legacy. This offer will be live on Friday June 24th from 9.00am GMT for 24 hours only. Everyone can experience this record-breaking epic series without spending a cent! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE



Glasgow, Scotland
In the West end stretch of this river city, where the dogs are friendly and the women pretty, there’s a hidey hole for like-minded folk who like to drink and laugh and smoke…
If you weren’t distracted by all its dogs, spend a penny with Calvin and Hobbs. The outside arches are good for people-spotting [but prepare for plenty midgie-swatting.]
It can be ______ trouble, ______ sh** or ______ debt. It’s like an old Sum 41 song if you’ve not guessed it yet.

Melbourne, Australia
At a Lee and Nancy song, on a street where royalty overlooks the city, awaits a place to whet your whistle. Where gardens are Darling, and the fabric is opulent, Phaedra is my name.
The infamous tram, made famous by the Bedroom Philosopher will take you there - the booty can be found in a pot of Gold.

Hamilton, New Zealand:
It’s just a jump to the left

Jakarta, Indonesia
Let’s play the game. In middletown next to the fortune market
Find the treasure after this riddle, “nfdgoirrsua csd4, bj. ljdrlam dnaetnri sul. o1”
Those spaces and marks do not walk, come after sundown or they will not talk
Tell the gatekeeper “Olly Olly Oxen Free”, and search behind Royker’s body

Dublin, Ireland
Under the Hula Girl on the street named after the Augustinian friary nearby, you’ll find it in a house in the arms of the Misfits Doyle and Jerry

Moscow, Russia
Crossing their tools, this proud French couple look over Mother Russia. You will find the treasure beneath sickle and hammer.

Chicago, US
In the Chicago suburbs, where Mark has been before. Just a year ago (and a few days more).
Near a store that sells his goods, named after one of America’s favorite foods.
Look for somewhere you’d take a seat, finding the treasure will be pretty sweet.

London, UK
The tube is a stop on the central line, famous for boxing once upon a time.
Across from The Salmon you’ll find a park, pick up the treasure before it gets dark.

Los Angeles, US
Second floor of a public building that you can borrow printed material by Mark Millar for free! You will find the treasure on the left side of the ‘bank vault’. If you need help ask the gate keeper Jeffrey!

What’s cooking in the kitchen?
The Specials sent a message.
Dive under the neon,
Cross the sawdust floor.
Pull the yellow jacket
and all will be swine, uh, fine.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, US
Home of the Airborne Center of the Universe.
Under the dragon’s sign.

crap, i know exactly where this is but i’m not in London today! :weary:

Photos only for the ones I was sent :slight_smile:

PS New York is most definitely there.

Well, happy hunting. First to post gets the prize!


There are more guards at Moscow location, then in Kremlin

Fairly certain I know the Dublin location, it’s not open til later though so expecting a queue at the door.

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Damn. I know where the Chicago one is. Too bad it’s a 7 hour drive. :wink:

Checked with my NYC and Moscow peeps. Both confirm copies placed in both locations last night.


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I know where glasgow one is!!!

Their doors have Glass in them. Kick them in.
They will respect the rock and roll choice.


Same reason as some other places not getting a photo. Nobody sent me one :slight_smile:

the winners all have to post photos of them with the issue of course to validate and provide us with full addresses (sent to the mods over DM).


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I’m jumping a subway to the glasgow location

You might be first up! :slight_smile:


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We are here in Dublin but it’s closed till 5pm. So we are first. I can’t wait till 5pm, if we go and return will we loose? What if I break into the building?! :sweat_smile::sob:


That’s where I was going to go for Dublin, I’m not going to cut in ahead of you 2 hours early if you’re there already! Congrats.


Who says it’s inside the building? There’s more to the clue. .

Plus as stated. The windows are glass.

Also totally gona beat Gambra there and take the prize from @AilyNC.
Mooo hooo haa haa!

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I’m in the bar and that pic isn’t in here!

The Dublin clue says its being held by someone. Edit: Actually I think there’s a statue inside it might be on? Plus I really hope its not outside today in Dublin, its lashing rain here.