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Jupiter's Legacy fan art by Josh Skeel


A little re-imagining of the Utopian Death scene, and a little Utopian sketch I did a while back.


Very nice, Josh. Love the detail in those. Welcome to Millarworld.


Your artwork is fantastic!


I like all the action and movement. Good stuff!


Wow, amazing detail, especially on the clothes.

That Utopian sketch is great - are you going to ink and colour it?


This is ace! The style reminds me of someone, but I can’t think who.



It reminds me a bit of Rafael Grampa.


Moebius is back!!


I would have said early Bryan Talbot. Which is no bad comparison!


amazing stuff!

Reminds me of Robert Crumb in a strange way…


Ha, that too :smile:

I love that kind of detail, where you can see that the artist has taken effort over getting the texture of each tiny piece just right.


I kind of thought of Darick Robertson.


Beautiful work, I get a Kev Walker Balls Brothers vibe from it. Could be down to the inks and colours though rather than the drawing style.


Don Simpson too.


Thank you sir.


Much appreciated, thanks for the comment!


I wasn’t familiar with Kev Walkers stuff till now… very cool!


Hell no it’s not a bad comparison, I’ll take that any day haha. Thanks!


Compliments don’t get any better than that.


I love that dude’s work.