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Jupiter's Legacy 2 #5


So the release date for this seems to be pushed back every time I check on it. Wasn’t the original release date for #5 supposed to be back in November 2016???


I just looked on Image this morning, and it looks like it’s on for July 5th. I have to go back and re-read the previous 4. I’m old and forget things.


Things happened beyond anyone’s control, unfortunately. I believe the date is 5 July.


Yeah, I saw that. It was late June before that and early June before that, etc.

Was there ever an official reason as to what’s going on? I don’t mind waiting but why not just stop posting release dates at this point? It’s got to be at least 10-12 times that the date has changed now.


Without going into details, there are official reasons but they are also personal ones. It wasn’t at all a matter of Mark and Frank sitting idly by and doing the work when they felt like it. I realize you’re frustrated, but they are as well. But as I said above, it was beyond anyone’s control.


The internet is full of shit release dates for comics!

Here’s the golden rules:

  • If it’s not on Diamond’s provisional list for the week ahead, don’t bother.

  • If it doesn’t make the confirmed Diamond list for the week, don’t go looking for at your local comic shop.

All other dates? Will be shit. (Except Midtown Comics for the next 7 days, as they tend mimic Diamond.)


I’ve actually had Midtown’s list be more correct than Diamond’s before. They put up their list on Wednesday or the week or the week before whereas Diamond’s doesn’t go up until Monday the week of. :wink:


I don’t know if fans really consider that delays in comics mean delays in the creators getting paid (for indie books). I know fans might want to know why in this social media age, but if the creative team aren’t saying anything you can assume it’s their choice and all they can say is there’s sadly a delay. The ongoing changes in release date I guess are best guesses from the creative team that didn’t work out.

I’ve seen the final pencils so I know the book is in process of being inked, colored, lettered and printed.


Yep, they’re the only two info sources I’d class as reliable.


From our Millarworld editor: