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Jupiter's Legacy #1-5 free for 24 hours tomorrow!!!!!


Hells yes!

To celebrate the launch of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 next Wednesday with MONTHLY FRANK QUITELY Frank and I are releasing the entire first trade (YES THE ENTIRE FIRST TRADE on comixology for free for 24 hours.

Don’t miss!


You can’t say Mark’s marketing isn’t bold. I’ve seen first issues free all the time on Comixology but first trades is a step further.


Great idea.


very kind, thank you!


Cheers Mark. I have the trade, but will try gifting it to some friends of mine who might be interested.


That’s very generous, Mark. Really looking forward to volume 2.


First, thank you, Mark, Frank and crew for blowing your profits on this! Although I have copies (physical, at full pop, so cheer up!) the digital is a joy.

I had forgotten the very careful world-building in #1, and Sheldon’s crashing defeat in 1929. And the island itself - I have some ideas. Fascinating design.

What a good job, this whole Jupiter’s Offshoots series!