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Jupiter's Circle Vol 2 posted in retailer forum!


Go check out the complete first issue if you have our VIP retailer pass. I’m going to post up a ton of pages from Empress #1 up there on Thursday once all the JC Book 2 pimping has been done.

Also, the art files are too big for this site for some reason, but if you check my Twitter or Facebook time-lines you can see some amazing preview art from Sprouse and Wilfredo from later in the series.

Issue one is out on Wednesday. Enjoy!



Here are the social media pics.


Ah, thanks, Gar.



I’ve just had a read of it! :smiley: Lovely stuff!


Looking great, I love that panel of Skyfox on the street. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Looks amazing, Chief.


Looks just great! Did you just out Sprouse as a MillarWorldlarian?


In true Watchmen style, he already did it 31 days ago.

(In a thread you commented in!)


Some days I have the memory of a Chihuahua with Alzheimer’s. :sob:


Awesome work


I finally got a chance to read issue #1. Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #1 - This was a fantastic issue. I like that we still got the slice of life stuff that has made this book so good along with a scene that maybe hints at the mystery behind the team’s powers. @wilfredotorres work on this book has been stellar and this issue is the best yet. As always, I’m looking forward to more.


I assume your talking about Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2? I know I didn’t miss Legacy 2 hitting the shop. :wink:


You’re right. The first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 is pretty great too. :wink:


I just finished Jupiters Circle last week and finished Jupiters legacy this week. Now I’m starting JC vol 2 no. 1 and I’m blown away by these. It feels like when I was watching eps of Dexter or Breaking Bad. Can’t wait for the next installment.


Thanks, brother. Volume 2 of both comics just worked out so well. I think I prefer them to the first volumes, which I was very happy with. Hope you enjoy as they come out. JC2 #2 off to press today.



Totally cannot wait. What I also do when I watch a great show is watch it again and again, likewise with these novels- I’m re-reading and yet, still excited as the first time. Thanks again


Hey @Mark_Millar - How are Wilfredo and the kids doing? I’ve been praying for them.