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Jupiter's Circle Vol 1 collected today for a mere $9.99!


As a Scotsman it PAINS me to see such a good deal for readers.

here’s a nice review of the series. Just finishing Vol 2 tomorrow, which is actually heart-breaking as I will miss these characters. This and Legacy are more own personal favourites out of everything I’ve ever done:



Ok. You’ve convinced me. I’ve already ordered my own copy. I’m going to buy a copy for my nephew as well.


Also, this big interview about it…


If you’re a digital reader, it’s also available on ComiXology for $7.99. Do you have a fever, @Mark_Millar? :wink:


Yeah, you’ll hear an announcement about that digital price soon, I’m sure it’ll cause quite the shit storm.


Saw the trade on the shelf at my LCS. Very nice package for $9.99. I’m usually not as big a fan of paperbacks but this one had some serious high quality paper.


This does NOTHING to alleviate the unrequited agitation I have from not getting a new Millar book at the start of the month! I knew collecting monthly would lead to this problem, Where is the JC2 preview? :wink: