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Jupiter's Circle, Boba Fett, JK Rowling & Gorilla Grodd!


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Bit disappointed, was hoping for a Jar Jar Binks film first.


Hopefully we get a little more origin this time than he’s a clone of Jango Fett. That was one of the bigger disappoints to me in the Prequels. There was such a rich history hinted at in the expanded universe that seemed to be wiped away with a trite quicky.


It’s a chance to really do the character justice.

Boba, not Jar Jar.


Sometimes I wonder if some characters are more interesting as mysteries. Sometimes once these things are explored it kind of takes the shine off of them. Like I mentioned before with Boba Fett’s origin. To some extent, I think Wolverine has been a victim of this as well though part of that may have been extreme overexposure.


Ah, Grodd. Some of the most interesting Flash stories involved Grodd. His psychic powers sure can explain a lot of plot holes!


Boba Fett is better as a bit of mystery, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a movie to himself. He just needs to maintain the right attitude during it.

It would be easier if we hadn’t got a glimpse of his childhood, but it’s not like it was a happy one full of rainbows and ice cream.

He can be deeply conflicted, and still a total baddass about it. Send him on a mission, give him a tough choice and then let him try to square the circle.

It worked for the first Riddick movie. Less so for the second one (although I like a lot of things about it, it’s just not a very good sequel).