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Jupiter's Circle and Huck - Millarworld's December covers!


Would somebody mind popping this onto our front page?

I love these covers so much. The second issue of the second volume of JC plus the second issue’s cover for Huck. Huck, in case you haven’t heard, is a story about a man with learning difficulties who has very special gifts and he likes to do one good deed every day. Rafael is a bloody genius and came up with this amazing cover…


Those are amazing, Chief. Huck may well compete with Superior and Jupiter’s Legacy for my favorite Millarworld book. I’m also loving the Sienkiwicz covers for Jupiter’s Circle. I can’t wait to see @wilfredotorres kill on the interiors.

I haven’t gotten a good enough handle on the editing to add this to the front page. So I’ll leave it to someone else for now. Sorry.


It’s up already. Do I get a gold star?


How about a like?


Those are incredible! That Huck cover is perfection, and Sky Fox looks down right hell-bent on evening a score, I love the juxtaposition of the two together. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:
I’ve been doing some test shots with my new camera lens the last few days and am considering a 60 trailer based on the Huck preview.


By the way guys we have overhauled the front Millarworld page, check it out at the link at the top left of the page.

The worst thing about most creator websites is they are rarely updated. We’re trying for the opposite of that and have put up 5 stories in the last day. Not only keeping the Millar stuff up to date but geek culture in general.


My filming time and funds have been taken up by another project, but since I don’t have a Millarworld story this month and I was grounded without wheels for a few days…


Man, I love this!!!



Great trailer! Nice job!


I watched this earlier when @Mark_Millar tweeted it and it’s superb! Wish I had the technical ability for such things! Great work sir!


Thanks guys!


Amazing job!


Great work AJ.