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Jupiter's Circle #6 cover by Francis Quitely Esquire


Because sharin’ is carin’.


Good god, those creases. Such perfection … such Quitely.


Issue 5 is out week after next and I love it so much. Skyfox is my fave character I’ve ever created. wait till you see where this goes. It’s equal parts heartbreaking and awesome.



Great cover. Love the lighting.

Is Torres back for this issue or is he starting again with volume two? I see Davide Gianfelice is credited on this cover. As I said before, I think their styles are very complementary either way.


Wilfredo back this issue. That cover was done months back when Wilfredo wasn’t sure if he could do the issue, but he’s now finished it.



Ah, ok, good to know. Thanks Mark.


That cover looks great.


beautiful cover, I noticed it in the August back pages. Is #6 going to be a double issue?


This actually worked well as a single issue, but runs to around 24 pages if memory serves. I like the pacing of a double-sized conclusion sometimes. That room to breathe. But the pace of this worked really well as is.

Weirdly, I’m writing the last two scenes in the double-sized finale for Jupiter’s Legacy. I can’t believe I started this back in 2011 or something crazy.



It has been a wild ride.

Can’t wait to hold the Skyfox two parter in my hands. He’s been my pick for standout character so far as well.
There’s something about the Hutches. Very Ult. Tony-esque.


Francis? Is that truly what Mr. and Mrs. Quitely put on the birth cert?


Great cover!

Let’s just see if you can out-do Walter’s machinations in Circle

btw, love this page:

Any errors? Besides not acknowledging Walter’s name of Brain Wave?