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Jupiter's Circle #5


I’m not sure if this has been discussed yet or not, but I noticed in the solicits that Jupiter’s Circle #5 is by David Gianfelice, and not by Wilfred Torres.

My assumption, of course, would be that this is due to the terribly sad passing of Wilfredo’s wife. Is this just a temporary fill-in?


Yes, Davide was brought in six months back when Wilfredo’s wife was really becoming very ill. It’s actually been a great help for him because it’s meant that Davide has been able to finish volume one and Wilfredo has been able to get started on Volume 2, where the deadline is obviously less intense and he’s been able to spend time with his family.

I have to say, the guy’s just been incredible. Issue 3 is just off to the printers this week and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen him draw. What he’s been under is just unthinkable, but he’s so brilliant and so determined to get through his work it’s actually quite breathtaking. I have huge admiration for Fred and really want to work with him again on something else once these twelve issues are done.