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Jupiter's Circle #4 - Chat-Back for Lettercol!


Here’s the official chat forum for issue 4, ladies and gents. As always the best comments from below will be run at the back of the next issue. ALSO, here’s the first six pages from Davide and Franc, both of whom were filling in for the mighty Wilfredo (who’s back with issue six). Hope ye enjoy!



Great issue, review from Entertainment Fuse should be up tomorrow.

I just love how Flare’s story was toned. It wasn’t as, well, provocative as Blue Bolt’s but it was really very solid. That’s something stories need anyway, strong start, solid middles, and a nice landing. The first two are checked off with this, can’t wait for Skyfox.

Also, I reiterate that ‘Silver Age’ Kid Utopian is just the best design of The Teen Scene.


Hi everyone, I’m Francesco Mortarino, the inker who supported Davide Gianfelice. It was a real pleasure working on this project, and I hope we’ ve been at Wilfredo’ s art level. This is the first time I work with Mark Millar and I think I’m really lucky because not long ago I was only one of Mark’ s reader.
We are closing issue#5 so I have to say by and go back to work.



I enjoyed this issue quite a bit - in fact, I think this second story has been stronger than the one from the first couple of issues (which I did enjoy too). I look forward to seeing how certain elements of it pay off in the longer term.

The artwork does really well to capture the retro vibe that the story is going for. I think the colouring plays a big part in it, so well done to Ive Svorcina. The transition in art styles with the fill-in was barely noticeable too - great work Francesco and Davide.


I wasn’t even able to tell the difference. This forum had to point it out to me. Gianfelice is a godsend in fill in art.


That’s great to hear. Franc and Davide were absolute gents and did a few pages last issue too. I won’t go into it again, but we all know the tragic news about poor Wilfredo’s wife passing away after an illness and he needed to spend time with his children. He’s back for issue six and beyond, but it was important that he didn’t have to be too concerned about work in this period and it really was great to find guys as talented and as appropriate as Davide and Francesco. Fred and I are both really happy with how these issues looked.

I’m really glad people are enjoying the story so much. We’re getting a phenomenal response from people who don’t read comics or are new to comics in particular because this is weirdly the opposite of the typical formula. I’m not quite sure what a teenager would make of this as the stories are all about what happens when you’re DEEP in relationships as opposed to the BEGINNINGS of relationships generally covered in superhero comics (if relationships covered at all) so the themes are very adult… the disappointment of a relationship where two people’s lives are in different places, a covert sexuality and so on. It’s very unusual subject matter and the pacing and tone much more like a 70s or 80s Euro comic. I’m really pleased people are engaged because if they like it so far they’re going to LOVE where it’s going.

Next issue is a two part Skyfox story and it’s the most fun you can imagine. Then the second volume follows on from the explosive moments there as we get a KINDA six-parter where it all blends together and things go apeshit with the 1965 race riots and so on. This book is odd and goes to places we don’t really see, but I could write 100 issues of it. I’m done with Legacy Book 2 and almost done on Circle Book 2 as well. We’ll focus on the movie for a bit on the other side of Summer, but my God I’ve had fun with this thing. It’s the most ambitious thing ever. I’ve had post its around the room since 2012.

Skyfox btw I think is going to replace even Hit-Girl as my most well-known creation. I can’t wait to share where he goes. This is going to break your heart!



So very sorrowful about Wilfredo’s situation. So glad he was working with Mark so Mark could help “make it okay”, at least work-wise. So glad to have Davide and Francesco filling in! Thank you, gentlemen!


We made an 80 mile round trip drive to pick this up (Ultimate X-Men 1 as well :wink: ) I’m loving where this is going, the Teen Scene cover is so Super Friends! :thumbsup: It’s been several decades since I followed a comic month to month but this story has me hooked. Thanks for including us in the back pages, its an honor to be published in a Millarworld book. We’re picking up Amber (aka Hit-Girl) from camp tomorrow so this will be on the seat in the truck waiting for her. :sunglasses:

If anybody else said this I would call BS, but I’ll keep an open mind as I follow along! :wink:


Thanks for the terrific response, guys!

I’ve been asked so many questions about Joyce’s decision at the end of this issue that I wrote up a wee mini-essay on it and the real-life origins formalist 25 years ago. Here you go. LOVE that people are so engaged with it!



Yeah, Flare’s wife taking him back really was done clear enough.

I’m more curious about his elder son.
The boy - the boy ain’t right. Wonder if shit hitting the fan won’t involve him.

And cannot wait for Skyfox. Hutch Sr. has been where my interest has centered from the start. He seems like a sorta early-Ult. Tony type from the bits we get. And, well, Hutch Jr. ain’t so bad himself.
Gonna be a long wait.


What is the source of power for people past the six who went to the island? The powered members of the Teen Scene, for example… did they go to the island too, or are there other ways to ‘super up’ in the world? I’ve been wondering about this since the Jupiter’s series started - there’s a lot of superheroes out there, and it seemed unlikely that they were all descended from the original six.


Well, I always figured that it wasn’t just the original 6.

You had the ship’s captain and crew as well.

And I figure that in the ~40 year gap between the Island and Jupiter’s Circle… some did not stay celibate.


I think the thing I live about this book is that is seems like Mad Men for superheroes. To the outside world, they appear slick, powerful, and successful - icons, if you will. But in reality they are relatable - they squabble in the office and their personal lives are difficult at times.


I’m not sure whether that ‘c’ word should be used with any of that lot!

Who says the Jupiter’s Circle bunch is the only bunch on the planet. Does one carry all their eggsys in one basket nowadays? That’s not superior thought, it does not even kick ass. It’s just a nemesis to good thinking, usually defined by gangs of supercrooks, measured in low MPH. If you wanted, you could read about it under starlight or a red son of a … Millar! Out! Out of my head! Right now!


I was under the impression that the crew of the ship that took the Original Six to the island didn’t get to power up. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if George had a few super-kids out there, though I doubt Sheldon would be cool with a Legion of Super-Bastards after the stink he kicked up over Fitz foolin’ around. :wink:

Then again, maybe that’s what causes them to fall out… maybe we’ll see in the next two George-centric issues!


They certainly didn’t go to the island. In issue #4 Chloe tells Jason that the Island disappeared after the first 6 went there. Mark has said that we will find out how the rest got their powers. I think Chloe and Brandon are exceptionally powerful because their mother and father were superheroes while the rest of the powered people in the world have 1 superhero parent at best. That’s why Chloe says to Barnabas “My mom was a superhero. My dad was a superhero. That’s why i won this fight before you got out of bed” as if to say “although you might also have a superhero parent, BOTH of my parents were superheroes, so you don’t stand a chance.”. That’s also why Walter needed Brandon to kill Sheldon, because Brandon is exceptionally powerful due to the double genetics of it.

I am really curious about Barnabas and his yarmulka. Is he part of the superhero family? How did he become Jewish?


Is it just me?
Maybe other readers like Circle better and can help me love it.
When will Legacy continue??


Circle’s premise has been done already over and over: the superheroes with normal personal problems. It’s like The Boys but without any action scenes or plot twists whatsoever. Hopefully, George’s story gets us back to Jupiter’s Legacy already.


Sure, the “hard luck hero” story has been done. And the hero having trouble balancing their “work” and personal lives - standard fare in the monthly comic book sagas.

But these stories feel different to me, more real. A closeted gay superhero being threatened by the government? I can’t see the Big Two publishers touching that one for fear of alienating people. And imagine the firestorm if, say, Reed Richards announced he was leaving his wife and kids for a much younger woman with no powers, no special abilities.

It has been said that every story has been told. Certainly I’ve seen stories like Jupiter’s Legacy before. But what makes them interesting is how the story is being told around the campfire this time and what new imaginative twists the teller(s) bring to it.


I’m not comparing to the Big Two publishers. Obviously, this work is completely different than something Marvel or DC would do. But it is very derivative compared to non-Big Two. There were LOTS of closeted gay and bi superheroes in The Boys.