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Jupiter's Circle #2 - Talk-Back for Letters Page!


A closeted superhero blackmailed by J Edgar Hoover into spilling the secret identities of his team-mates? It’s Jupiter’s Circle #2 and it’s out today. Here’s a preview:

This is the official talk-back thread. Anything you say here can and will be used in the letter column of next issue!!



Just two things: It’s impressive how even-keeled with its emotional scenes this series is showing itself to be from the outset. Blue Bolt was handled with way more care than I actually expected.

Secondly, Hutch Sr. is scary. Nice. But also one scary, scary, man.


Duke McQueen’s costume in the background was a nice little Easter Egg.


Thanks, fella. George Hutchence (Skyfox) has actually turned into the best character I’ve ever created. I honestly dread the finale because I’ll a) miss writing him and b) almost can’t stand where his story arc goes. The series is 12 issues long and I’m in the final 3 issues of the final volume at the moment. I love this guy. The scene at the end of Circle 2 #2 is maybe my favourite scene I’ve ever written.



It’s probably nowhere good, but I can’t wait to see where his story arc goes. His character journey has a lot of energy.

Even though it’s a foregone conclusion, we can see the line he rides in this issue. He’s a good friend, a real bro, but he doesn’t take stuff sitting down. The last page had very evocative coloring, very menacing coloring.

Also, can’t be the only one who noticed that him reading Blue Bolt’s letter was riffing on one of Red Son’s most iconic scenes right?


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread:

Jupiter’s Children #2 - Another great issue. I love that Mark is not just delving into normal prequel territory and giving origins of characters and powers. This book as the story between the story where the fight sequences are what happen between the main push of the story instead of the opposite. Wilfredo’s art continues to impress and add to the retro feel of this story. I will be interested to see where this story goes next.


Red Son scene? I honestly can’t remember as it’s been a decade since I cracked it open.

Which one? :smile:



Thanks, Ronnie. That’s the thing with prequels… they’re almost impossible to be interested in as you know where everybody ends up. So that’s why I decided to shift the focus and have mainly new characters, certainly for the first volume.

We know instinctively in a prequel that everybody’s fine because we’ve met them before, but at least half this cast have never even been named before and I’m actually really messing with people too re what the think is coming up.

I almost wish I could Netflix these books and since there’s so many issues banked it would be amazing to release them all at once. But the idea is to tide everyone over until the end of the year and I’m a big fan of episodic. There’s some good stuff coming up. Next issue shifts to The Flare and his mid-life crisis, falling in love with a 19 year old super-heroine…



If I’m missing the mark on this one, I apologize, but come on - how could anyone read the page with Skyfox reading Blue Bolt’s letter and not be instantly reminded of “Why don’t you put the world in a bottle?”.

I would need to recheck, but even the panel with the close up of the last sentence is extremely evocative of that. I just found that rather clever given Hutch Sr./Lex Luthor parallels. I probably need to congratulate Wilfredo on this then.

Also, bringing up Netflix, I think that some of your stuff would be perfect for Netflix original series adaptations ala Daredevil.


No, def not. That was a big letter he wrote and we just saw the end, the rest done as voice over and very straight. Luthor built a sentence as a weapon in Red Son. It was just a few words to create max impact where this was just a regular letter.


Ps on TV. It’s a cost thing. Like the budgets just not huge on TV. Starlight for example will cost upwards of 120 mill for 2 hrs and Chrono probably 150 for 2 hrs, 2 hours of TV even at most just costing a fraction of that.

Movies obviously pay much more than TV for the creators but I’m never cash motivated. I’ve generally held back because the stuff I do isn’t very talky and action just very hard to do on a limited budget. There’s one project we are developing At the mo to see how it goes. The guys have huge experience and seem confident they can pull this off.



I think because it is an episodic form people look too quickly to every comic to naturally be a TV show. Your comics are usually fairly short runs so naturally fit into film more easily but I think a lot of good episodic comics would never work on TV.

We’ve mentioned in other threads before that as well as money a big part is time, especially on US network TV where they do 20+ episodes a year. There’s a ‘behind the scenes’ doc on one of my Lost DVDs and they had really 3 weeks to churn everything out for one episode on a very ambitious show. They managed it quite well for a while, albeit with some obvious filler material, until they eventually demanded they cut down the series length because they couldn’t sustain it with the ambition of the story.


Actually, I was just talking about the actual framing of the page. The context is, of course, radically different but the way it was presented to the reader was the thing I took for a sort of callback. And I did check back with Red Son and the reveals do seem the same.
Probably just seeing things.

And completely understanding what you mean by budget and such for TV shows vs. movies. I just like the idea of things getting to breathe a bit more, and not just due to them both being episodic or something. For, example - Starlight doesn’t need the room to breathe. It’s excellently paced and put together. It’s fantastic for movie material.

It’s in other things such as Kick-Ass or even Jupiter’s Legacy where things can be worked into more. Although gar makes fantastic points as well. Ah, well, one can dream.


TV needs to have lots of talking as budget is very constrained. Take Jupiter’s Legacy for example. I would guess the movie will cost 150 million minimum. A season of say ten eps with same level of talent from effects to stunts to writers, directors and actors would thus cost about 750 million.

TV obviously operates on a fraction of that and I’m kinda spoiled, though am enjoying exploring it. Kick-Ass I think would have worked as a TV show, but would we have got a brilliant 2nd unit action guy like Brad Allen making Hit-Girl look as awesome as she is? I don’t think so.

It works for more straight drama tho and things like Game of Thrones shows you can have limited moments of effects working very well too. We’re talking to guys at the moment about one project and see how it goes from there.



Completely understandable. Gotta put the best foot forward and that has to carry over through to the entirety, consistency over those isolated spurts that would be formed through budgetary constraints, yeah.

And yeah, Kick-Ass was the one I had in mind the most, because it is relatively low-key through-out. Although the action is what made those pop in their initial mainstream forays. Post-Daredevil world, incites a lot of imagination, I swear, in terms of street vigilantism works. And that sounds intriguing, hope that goes well.


Would Jupiter’s Circle lend itself to a TV show as (at least so far) most of the push is actually the relationships and social stuff with the action being what happens in between? Could it play out something like Marvel’s TV shows where it adds nuance to the film universe while not trying to match in outright spectacle?


JC would definitely be easier, though the action escalates as we get to know the characters. But we have talked about the possibility of this, though the movie would be out first to establish the tone and the universe.



Cool. You obviously know more about where it’s heading than I do. I been intrigued by the model you’re using with these two series. I love the separation in tone. For example, I get the feeling that even though Jupiter’s Children is the prequel book we won’t find out more about the aliens who gave them their powers until Jupiter’s Legacy resumes. I would be curious how those differing would translate into film and TV.


I’ve finally read this and I loved it. This is the issue where the art clicked for me and whatever you’re paying this Torres guy, Millar, he deserves every penny.

Will we get a full issue from the point of view of The Utopian? I’m interested in any contrast between now and then.


its nice to know though that Walter was always an asshole. Nice scene there at the end when blue bolt returned to the conference table.