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Jupiter's Circle #2 preview!


You have no idea how much I’m enjoying this book. Currently playing around with issue nine of twelve. Wilfredo starts the seventh issue tomorrow and it’s looking BEAUTIFUL!



This is the best thing you’ve ever done.

I am jealous of me from a decade’s time, when he gets to pull out the trades one evening and read the whole saga from A to B.


Cheers, brother man. Vol 2 is six issues and the second issue I think is the best of the run so far. The stuff with Skyfox… I wish I could talk about it but I guess it’s out in October or something. I love that this is monthly too. It’s going to be nice having all this story momentum.



That is just a classic moment in the preview.
Like “things called secret identities” classic.
Circle really is hitting a lot of the right notes, and cheers to this Skyfox stuff.