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Jupiter's Circle #1 - Talkback for Letters Page!


Okay, here’s the new format we’re doing with these things…

At the back of the Millarworld books you may notice the best MW fan art and the best comments from the site are being printed up for people to read. This is getting formalized where comments on particular books, like Jupiter’s Circle here, will get a Jupiter’s Circle column at the back. So whatever you write below, my dear readers, could end up in print. Exciting, eh?

As for this issue itself, it’s honestly a book I couldn’t be more proud of. I loved writing this series. Volume one (six issues) is all done and I’m working deep into volume 2 at the moment, both running together and can be read completely distinct from Jupiter’s Legacy.

Here’s more on it. Hope ye enjoy!



Looking forward to it. I’ll be picking it up later today.


I’ll be picking this up once I’m back in town this evening.


Great first issue. Honestly begins on a more even footing than Legacy did, and really sets up a lot without feeling dragged down.
The Union all come off as interesting in their own right and Torres’ art creates a world that feels both comfortingly retro while also incredibly fresh. Quitely’s designs are still superb. Cannot wait for the rest of this series.

Favorite so far has to be Hutch Sr.


Okay, maybe there was more funny business down at MacArthur Park or Silverlake (especially on the little paddle-wheel boats) than Griffith Park, but the visuals are much better from the Observatory. That great shot Fred did from behind the Hollywoodland Sign show something amazing that even you two know nothing about!

Y’see, from that angle behind the sign downward, there’s the hospital I was born and the neighborhood I grew up in, owned my first house in, all that!

I would have been five!


Thanks, Tom. Hutch Snr (George) has totally stolen this book for me. Sometimes you don’t realise until you start writing but the book almost belongs to him by the end of the first volume. I think he’s become my favourite character out of the entire saga.

BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever said this publicly, but this mighty tome is one of three series that form an enormous maxi-series covering three generations of the Sampson family. Jupiter’s Circle is the first story, Jupiter’s Legacy is the second and there’s a third I’m going to write next Spring once Circle and Legacy have been published entirely. This third and final volume ties everything up and in total the storyline should run for around 34 issues.

I normally do five or six issue runs, eight issues being a kind of epic. So you can imagine how invested I am in all this. I absolutely love writing this book and it’s by far the most ambitious thing I’ve done. If you like George now you’re going to love him even more very soon.



That sounds fantastic, because George is really my favorite character in the saga so far as well. Or, at least, the one I find the most interesting - given all of the vague references to him so far and the connections that he had to the Legacy cast. Such as his downfall and why Hutch himself ends up with the Power Rod. It all rather engaging and him being this really “Ult. Tony Stark”-esque cut-up…at least at the start really doesn’t hurt things.

And wow… taking two maxiseries (which both feel grand in their own right) and turning them into a trilogy? That is it, Kick-Ass no longer reigns as the longest saga you’ve done. Three generations meaning that Jason will likely be the focal point, will he not? Jason is my favorite character in Legacy so that would be superb.

Not forgetting SuperCrooks this is going to be one hefty series when all is said and done. With some varied, but not unpleasant art. Might we see a dip into the Omnibus arena? Thanks for the response, Chief!


Loved this first issue. The setting truly transported me to the '60s. The touch of having Katharine Hepburn giving advice was brilliant.
I can’t wait to see the story develop. Really curious about Hutch Snr and Fitz. Also, I really want to see more of the tension brewing between Walter and Sheldon.
Knowing there is a 3rd volume in the future just blew my mind and gave me a very happy weekend.
I think this is my first post here. Hello, everyone! I’ll definitely be sticking around.
Oh, and thank you, Mr. Millar, for the Millarworld comics!


Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.

Jupiter’s Circle #1 - I finally got a chance to sit down and read this. What a great issue. I like that Mark is using this prequel to add another level to the story. It’s like your favorite action movie also has a companion film that gives the back story of the characters that is actually what happened in-between all the action. Wilfredo does an amazing job on the art. It has a somewhat retro feel which really sells the time period. It also hints at these characters as the Justice League of their world. I swear there are some panels where the Utopian looks like a young Ronald Reagan. Great job to all involved. I can’t wait to see where this book goes.


Welcome to the #1 place for Millar news on the Internet :smiley:

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One theory/observation that I’ve heard being shot around other forums, but have not yet heard here, that I would like to bring up is - does anyone else think the opening of the issue takes place in the future (like the future future)?
The narration that starts off can be read both ways, the extensive museum is evocative of something long past, and the pseudo-retro-future clothes on the visitors.

I think it could.


Welcome to Millarworld, Javier.


Such a feel like one of my favorite films, Gods and Monsters with Sir Ian McKellen and Brendon Fraser. What is the cost of living a secret life; particularly when it turns out to be not so secret? A triple secret life? A quadruple secret life? So many layers of secrets even Walter has a hard time following who’s who or who’s what!

And let us not forget nor elide the Big Secret. The Sampsons received their powers from aliens. We are not familiar with these particular aliens. Somehow, Mr. Quitely’s island shots and interior give me flashes of This Island Earth and Dune and a bit of the set dressing while Rendezvous with Rama was temporarily in pre-production. These aliens may have a very specific agenda. Part of that might be to have Sheldon lead the whole time. With Sheldon’s head liquified, that could be a problem; save, perhaps, by alien intervention.

What I want to see in part three is the aliens revealed, the Circle restored, and Duke McQueen coming along to kick the aliens off the planet. Or something like that!

We should have one variant cover: Hutch by Hitch! It’s a natural.


I assumed the very beginning was like a Legion of Superheroes type future where all these characters are now almost mythical figures. The lends to the notion that as mythological figures most of their humanness has been scrubbed away to present this pristine image. That is all in stark juxtaposition to the rest of the issue and I assume the rest of the series…


That makes perfect sense, and lends a bit of hope to the overall series if the future is something that can be aspired too. And I had LOSH in mind too, that whole Superman museum and such.
It also makes the inclusion of Skyfox, in the museum, something of a intriguing oddity. As to whether or not Hutch Sr.'s crimes have been forgotten, or due to Hutch/Jason - the name has been redeemed or not.

I wouldn’t mind the third and final series see the groundwork for all of this set down.


I like that Mark is playing with these archetypes but there’s no wink wink nudge nudge, this is really Superman and Batman every other page. It still feels new and fresh. The referential bits are only minor set up and not a name drop.


Yeah, it’s very much the whole hog of the thing without falling into the traditional pitfalls that so many “character homages” can get into. It goes straight for what it wants.

Also, I want to just say that I found it brilliant that this universe’s Batman eventually evolved into its Lex Luthor. It hits that worn “Batman/Superman rivalry” that pops up in so many adaptations and Elseworlds without feeling as trite.


That’s what I assumed too. It works well thematically, like you say.


Thanks a lot David! I’m glad to be here! :slight_smile: I love the scary smileys too. U.U lol


Thank you!! :slight_smile: