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Judge Dredd Questions


A few years ago I went to a comic book store and flipped through one of the many books of 2000ad (not sure which one) and saw Dredd fighting funny animal style art. I should’ve picked the damn book up because it’s been haunting me ever since…

So I’m in dire need of knowing what I’m searching for!

Here’s the information I can provide-

I don’t know which 2000 ad title is was.

Judge Dredd was fighting children/cartoony looking animal characters, but it was aimed at adults.

I believe the animal characters had powers, flight, etc etc.

The lettering was crossed out and new letters were added over top of them in the balloon as the funny animals talked.

I wanna say anywhere in the 2000’s till 2016.

I’m not sure who the artists, writers are.

If I’m not mistaken, one looked like porky the pig or something.

I know I’m giving very limited information here, and I deeply apologize. I just hope that someone see’s this and knows exactly what issue, story title, or villains I’m referring to.

Thanks fans!


Suspect it was a Heavy Metal Dredd story, painted by Simon Bisley.


I’ll look into it. Thanks, @Vikram