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Juanan Ramírez - Comic book artist


Hi everybody!

I don´t know if this is the correct form for show my art in this forum, but if i´m mistake please let me know! =)

I´m an actual Marvel artist and i´d like it to show all some of my art.

Hope you like it and have a nice week!


Hi Juanan, yes this is the right forum and your work is fantastic. Post some more.


Hello Juanan. As Gar said, your work is great. Please show us more.


Absolute awesome stuff!
Soooo many amazing pages!
Nice work


THank you all. When my first marvel works are published, i’ll be able to post new works. Here you have two pages with Mr Penguin!


The figure shape of the penguin its Amazing! Great Stuff!


All feedback are welcome. Thanks, dude! Here new samples



Es usted un crack, señor. ¡Paginazas!

Your work is great, sir. Amazing pages!


Estoy de acuerdo! Amazing work!


I love that second Iron Fist page so much.


The Penguin/Black Mask pages are very very strong!

I really like how you not only pushed the shapes of the figures, but also let the lighting tell a lot of the story for you.


Fantastic work! Every single page was a joy to look at.


Thank a lot guys! Fun stuff this time, hope you like it!!!


wow…very cool to see the step by step process


Thanks, dude!


You ink your backgrounds before the main figure? Is that common with artists, or just you?

Just curious :slight_smile:


Nope! Always first the figure. Only this gift show another order for, you know, best part for finsh. Real order is Figure, Background, efects.


Good choice, it makes the reveal in the gif really dramatic :slight_smile:


holy shit. And pardon my vocabulary.

But… waw! Love your work!!!


Thanks, folks!