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Jonah Weiland sells CBR & is now comic industry Bruce Wayne!


This is fantastic news. I’ve been running around doing stuff for the last couple of days and only just heard, but Jonah is a brilliant guy. I’ve known him for almost the entire time the site has been running and like all the best businesses it worked because he started it for free and it’s been entirely based on something he loves. He’s been a brilliant supporter (both in my Marvel years and in our Millarworld company) and I wish him all the best in whatever his plans are next. Well deserved!



CBR has been a daily ritual for me since its inception. I remember logging in on the old dial up and reading his Kingdom Come Message boards which from New Zealand in the late 90’s was particularly painstaking wait!

If someone I knew was interested in getting into comics or understanding the industry I would point them in CBR’s direction. Whilst I’m sure not everyone’s cup of tea they have have always come across as being an honest positive driving force for the industry and haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole of being very click baity or gossip/rumor mongering.

CBR’s success is a credit to Jonah and the way he has run the site. I hope they continue to be a positive force for comics and the culture in general.


CBR has been my goto for comic news for a long time.


I used to visit CBR on a daily basis (remember when Rich Johnston’s gossip column was entertaining instead of nasty?), but circumnavigating the ads became too much of a hassle for me. Maybe I should try it again…


Does he require “team mates” for his next venture? Seems like “Bruce” always worked better in a league. :wink:


As I mentioned in another thread, the ads were actually preventing me from visiting the site at one time.


Been a big part of the CBR community for a lot of years. They do solid work.


Yeah, I had an acting class with him a couple years ago and he is a really great guy - and a good actor. Maybe he should go into film.


Hope he did very well. I don’t go by as often as the advertising has gotten out of hand. (Jam something between my eyes and something I’m reading IRL and there would be… an incident,) Hope all the good folks with Jonah are happy!

Hope the corporate sell-out does not suck! :laughing: