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Jon Malin On Thunderbolts!


Big cheers to Jon Malin landing a job on Thunderbolts! If anyone doesn’t remember he’s semi active on the boards. Big round of applause to him! Book looks amazing and action packed. Glad to see him on a big title, last time I encountered his work was in Youngblood’s recent run.


Are they bringing back the origin crew?

I enjoyed the Norman Osborne and Luke cage run Thunderbolts books.
Not sure about the cast on the cover.
Interesting to see the winter soldier at the helm.


Thanks a bunch, One creator!

Mark- I’m sworn to secrecy from top to bottom on this, like Star Wars level soooooooo… Jim and I are both very excited to be on this and as soon as we can start spreading the good word we will. It all starts with Avengers Standoff… or does it? DUN! DUN! DUNNNNNN!



Your work is fantastic and you deserve this!

You are awesome!


Congratulations @JonMalin, looks great.


Just looking at the cast.

When last I left them. Atlas powers where fecked and he was being rejected from various teams.

Fixer was dead due to temporal paradox! of killing himself only to have to replace himself.
Moonstones was probably in prison or did she go off with Ghost and Hyde and crew.
Mach V was with the sinster six.

Looking forward to seeing what you get to do with the book.
Good luck with the book.


That never stopped anyone on Doctor Who…

Congratulations @JonMalin. I am really looking forward to reading it. I love the original Thunderbolts.