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Johnny Romita Jr and I coming to France in February!



I can’t bloody wait. It’s raised outside for a month and a half I think. I need some of that Southern French sun on my chops.




You won’t like it as a Scotsman, it’s over five quid for a cup of tea. :smile:



It’s basically a tea-bag and hot water. Any more than 25p is an outrage.



I thought they only serve coffee France! :wink:


No, the wine is 25p.


I doubt anything is 25p in Monaco. :wink:


Yes, wine is cheap in France, in Monaco nothing is cheap.


Sit down at a baccarat table in Monaco.

Order tea; stirred, not shaken.

See what happens.


You should see Cannes during the film festivals. Hurts the wallet. They double or triple their prices.

I never thought about it but can you even order tea in the south of France, do they even know what it is?


Yes, it’s not an obscure thing in France.