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John Wayne used to be the Duke.


‘Relax kid, I got this!’
Finished, I’m no colourist, this is as good as it will get. If there are any colourists that would like a stab at any of my work, pipe up and I’ll drop you the ink layer.


Very nice!


Thank you Todd :+1:t3:


i think you’ve done a cracking job.


Thanks Matt, very much appreciated. I got the Chunks2 earlier, you’re a man of your word, can’t wait to get out of work to check it out👍🏼


My pleasure, buddy.

Thanks for all your support.
Hope you like it…


Pleasure was mine Matt, re read 1 and then 2 last night, good fun :+1:t3::clap:t3:


Cheers, buddy.
Means a lot, i especially appreciate the clap you gave me…
1st time i got that from a chap! :wink:


Strangely enough I’ve never given a dude clap either! You’re welcome hahaha