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John Cena really should have been Captain America


Think of the vacuum that is Chris Evans looking dead-eyed as he commands the team.

Imagine Cena facing off against Downey Jr in Civil War.

It could have been amazing.


PS Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Cena.


Cena would have looked like he could just rip RDJ’s arms off and beat him with them even with RDJ in the Iron Man suit. :wink:


I could see Cena as Cap.


I like Evans as Cap. I think it’s an impossible role really to do perfectly because it requires a guy much younger than his peers being commanding. One of those things that works better on the page where ages are undefined.

Even with special effects I’m struggling to see Cena as the wimpy Steve before injections.


That’s easy. They just cast Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg as Steve before injections. :wink:


Yeah… I don’t think popular opinion is against Evans as Cap anymore. When he first debuted, maybe, but it’s pretty set by now and not many people seem to have a problem with it.

As for Cena, I could see him as Liefeld Cap, but I don’t think I’d be able to listen to him as any except for real Ultimates Cap.

The link you posted yesterday of him as the comedic bit in Trainwreck was fair, and I felt the same way. I think he could do Superior really well, actually. But I just can’t see him as a serious guy, basically.


Who cares about popular opinion? And I’m not sure Evans is all that - Marvel had to jam RDj into his third movie as he couldn’t put bums on seats on his own. If he were so great he’d be Pining or Pratting or Hemsworthing his way in different franchises, but without Cap he’s nothing.

My pick for Cap remains Jensen Ackles. Marvel really missed an opportunity there. Cena would be great too, but better if he ends up as Superior.


I don’t think it’s at all an impossible role, you just need to cast an action star. Chris Evans isn’t that.


Chris Pine would have been a great Cap too.


I think the key to all casting is to pick someone who wants the role and will own it.

The problems always seem to come when the role is considered “just work” or less. David Thewlis did well in the Potter films, but lost fan traction when he did not play the PR game. Evans was iffy and kept blabbing about wanting to direct. Carrey? Well…

Then there are those who grabbed on. RDJ was iffy at first, found Iron Man solid, and has grabbed on harder. Affleck digs being the Bat. Cavill is Superman more off set. Benoist set a role model as Supergirl. Many more positive examples than negative!


Er… but so far, Pine has failed to reach whatever potential we thought he had (you’ve said so yourself), Pratt remains to be tested beyond Guardians and the guaranteed fanbase of Jurassic Park, what has Hemsworth made headway in? Huntsman? I don’t think you can really claim that Ghostbusters or Vacation is the kind of thing you’re talking about…

Honestly, each guy you mentioned (as well as Evans himself) have had fairly narrow careers since 2010.


Fair point, then I’d have chosen a guy who has headed several huge action films. Arnold.

He’s nearly 70 and can only speak with a heavy Austrian accent but when there’s only one criterion (that’s for you @Christian) it could never fail. :wink:


That would have been great for the World War II scenes. How would he play wimpy Steve though? :wink:


I really like Chris Evans as Cap. Cena brings a lot of baggage from his wrestling persona. It’d be like casting 90s Hulk Hogan as Cap.


I’m another one of those who don’t have a problem with Evans as Cap. I think people tend to underestimate how important his performance is in selling both the pre-transformation Steve and the sincerity/morality of the character in the present day.

I know people who are non-comics fans and went from knowing virtually nothing about the character to loving him in Cap 1, Avengers and Winter Soldier. I think Evans was a big part of that. It’s a deceptively difficult role to get right I think, and needs something a bit more than a bog-standard action hero type.


I agree wholeheartedly, Dave. Evans brought a human sensibility to the role beyond the “stark badass” archetype and made many people care about a character they previously didn’t.


He’d be perfect but too many people know him as Mr. Freeze.


I love you, man.

Last week, Jim talked about “a phenomena” and I almost punched through the bus’ windshield.


That reminds me, he was considered for the role of Sgt. Rock back in the 80s :stuck_out_tongue:


Less he was considered, more it was his dream role. :wink: