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John Cena as SUPERIOR!


Still floored with that bug, but the good news is that I’ve gotten to catch up on Preacher and a lot of great stuff I would otherwise not had time to see. among these is TrainWreck, which is my fave comedy in years.

Train-Wreck, however, was stolen by John Cena, who’s comic timing as so immense and his look so bang-on that I literally requested him for Superior before I’d even watched the end of the DVD. Check out this clip where he’s playing Amy Schumer’s closeted gay boyfriend. He’s brilliant…


Here’s Cinemablend agreeing he’d be awesome. I now can’t see anyone else other than Cena:



He is definitely smart enough to make it work, depending if the director cannot be intimidated. This could also open a door to a lot of his buddies, which in turn is very handy for Spandex cinema.


Cena is amazing in Trainwreck. He would be perfect for Superior.

Looks like Screen Rant has already picked up on your desire for this.


Told you so.


Cena in Superior would be huge. He’s perfect for that role.


They actually premiered Trainwreck here in Akron. :wink:


Did you mention him before? We talk about so many diff things I lose track. Had he been on your radar? I’d never seen him in a movie before this. Guy’s amazing!



Yeah I told you he’d be perfect if that other guy doesn’t work out. He’s not as big a name so you wouldn’t get as big a box office result internationally which is the only problem. He does alot of work for Make a Wish (he’s done it more than 500 times) and I think if he got the role you’d have Superior visiting sick kids for the next decade.

The action is easy for him, he’s got a child like innocence and a kick ass sense of humor.

If fairness Will mentioned him to me, initially I just didn’t know if he was a big enough name.


I cannot believe how much he looks like you, Will. It was the first thing I thought when watching the movie!



Sometimes it’s just the right guy though. He just feels right. That other guy we had all talked about over the phone is actually getting a little old and I’m not convinced his BO is real. I think there could be some happy accidents in there. Cena is also much better at comedy than he is. He seems genuinely funny.



I’ve seen him interviewed a few times. with Seth Meyers. Lemme see…

He did the rounds of chat shows for Trainwreck. Lots available.


I think if you want a guy built like a superhero who can convincingly act like a 12 year old he’s about as good as it could ever get. And as I’ve said about a million times now, if the movie is funny you’ve got a huge smash hit. The script is fantastic so it just needs someone who can sell the different lines and scenes.


He has actually done it more than any other celebrity or athlete.


@Mark_Millar - also attend to a new sitcom with elements that dovetail with Superior.

Well, I guess they do. Superior is one of two of yours I have not yet read. (I think I’ve got the idea, though.)


I think this part of it would be awesome.


[quote=“Miqque, post:16, topic:8199, full:true”] Superior is one of two of yours I have not yet read. (I think I’ve got the idea, though.)
It’s very good, well worth a read.


I have absolutely no doubt of that.


He’s a tad more jacked but he’s not nearly as handsome.


I’m sure Cena would jump at the chance. I bet he’d love to follow The Rock’s footsteps.