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John Cazale's IMDB page


Does anyone have an IMDB page as cool as this???



He was terrific in Dog Day Afternoon.

He manages to be both tragic and hilarious with only one word.

Sonny: Is there any special country you wanna go to?
Sal: Wyoming.
Sonny: Sal, Wyoming’s not a country.


Obligatory plug for this great documentary:


The guy with the coolest CV is well established;


It’s amazing that he was in like, five movies and they were all nominated for best picture. I mean…no one has ever had that kid of record.

Godfather is my favorite movie and when I was younger I hated him but the older I get the more I realize everything he is doing in that film (and the sequel).


That’s what I mean. That hit-rate. Most people pepper their good movies with 5 bad ones. These are all classics. I wonder what he’d have done if he’d lived into the 80s and 90s. I’d no idea he was Meryl Streep’s partner.



Yeah, he and Meryl were very much in love and his death devastated her. I’ve seen her talk about him - beyond his movie CV he sounds like an amazing person.