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JLA ISSUE 3 by Bryan Hitch


This is the official place to stop by and talk to me (and each other, if you simply must) about JLA issue 3.

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So JLA three the issue before the shit really hits the fan and has one of my favourite scenes between Superman and Batman. Plus, we find out what happened to Flash and GL after they got sucked out of the Parasite fight.



I’ve read this in digital and will have it in print right about now!!!



No. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know :wink:


Theres my lunch time buying sorted. Cant wait. Gotta say as a comic artist myself I love seeing you write and draw, issue two in particular was brilliant. Great read, big ideas, and proof that artists dont just want to write big fights and flashy images. Thanks.


I have a long, difficult day of work ahead of me today and this is going to be the treat at the end (as well as a large glass of something red and grape-based). Looking forward to it.


Can’t wait to pick this up at the end of the day.


Me three. Good timing, though - I actually have the money to buy the darned thing when it comes out! Caffeinating now. Then Activities of Ordinary Living (there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m too bleary to recognize it). Then Hitchy goodness. Yeah, that sounds so wrong. I’ll shuddup.


This is how all evenings should start:


How do the issues read on a tablet? This is one of the books I buy physically.


Well, actually. Bryan and his inkers have been employing a slightly bolder, cleaner style with thicker lines lately, and it looks really slick on screen. Even the double-page layouts read fine.


The DPS’s are the reason I went paper on this one. It’s good to know it works both ways.


I could recommend better wine for the price :wink:


Very glad you noticed. I want to really use the DPS’s and the massive widescreen issue one cover should signal my intent on visual scale but for a while now I’ve noticed that the finer work, however great on the originals, get’s lost in print to a large extent and very much on digital. I’m still figuring it all out but I thought a cleaner, stronger line would be better with both the characters and with digital and print.


You don’t know how much I paid for it. :wink:

(This was on special offer today so half what it usually costs. :blush: )


I was going to share the spreads in B&W with you fine gents here but then remembered some may not have read the issue yet and i don’t want to spoil the story Bryan crafted so well :slight_smile:


It definitely works.

Talking of lines that read on the original art but not in print, are there any prospects of seeing your work reproduced in an original-art book like the Artist Editions that IDW put out? I’m sure something like Authority or Ultimates would be really popular in that format.


Definitely share once a bit of spoiler-time has passed. :slight_smile:


I know; it often is. Down form 15 to about 7.99. THere are definitely better drinks for the price though…


Unfortunately, I have no original art from either run now so unlikely. that said I’m going to tai to DC about a special pencil-only JLA edition. Daniel inks digitally so there aren’t inked pages to shoot from. I do have pencils scans for 99.9% of the art though so I think that might be a fun alternative. What do you lot think?


It has a nostalgic element for me as I shared a bottle at my wedding (many years ago). But if you’ve got recommendations I’ll happily check them out…