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JLA 4 Reviews, comments and general Hitchy love.


Folk and those in a category all your own; JLA 4 is out this week and marks the start of shit and fan colliding. Things only get nuts form here. Do let me know how much you enjoyed it, as that can be the only reaction… :wink:


P.S chaps, could we get a sticky/pin/semi-permanence to this here thread, please and thank you?


Just finished reading it. It got my attention and piqued my interest… Great storytelling.

I am looking forward to what happens next.


On the way to Comixology quite soon.

Do you watch the Berlanti TV shows, Bryan? Particularly The Flash? All the time-travel stuff (and the multiverse) is busting loose. Gotta say I’ve had as much fun with your JL as with the teevee … that’s a pretty good compliment at this point.

And there’s this blasted trade I gotta buy!


I enjoyed this issue very much. In fact I think it may be the best of the series so far. The intrigue is nicely handled, with just enough given to us in terms of new information to keep stringing us along, without tipping the hand completely as to where it’s all going.

I like the focus on a subset of team members in each issue too. It’s good that there isn’t a perceived need to feature every character in every issue, as I think it would throw the pacing off-balance. This is a story that will read very well in trade, I think.

And the art continues to be very impressive. There are some moments in the story that are conveyed purely visually, and say everything that they need to say. And I’m enjoying the look of the slightly more refined, slick style that we discussed in an earlier thread.

Excellent stuff.


Thanks Dave, very pleased it struck such a positive note. Initially I was unsure about the smoother approach but my gut tells me the DC stuff looks better with a slicker approach.


It’s true, it suits the clean, bold lines of the DC characters very well, whereas the slightly more detailed and textured look worked for the likes of Ultimates or Cap Reborn due to the different needs of the designs.


All is unraveling much as expected. Yes, I am a suspicious, well-read gent with libraries of knowledge in my head - although I can’t seem to find a dratted thing! I’m totally enjoying the ride with a few detours.

Bryan, one thing you’re good at is character voices. Some oddness this issue, what with some telegraphic speech that seems to be catching. Somehow I had the exact method Rao uses in my head. Hope it’s just another of those annoying telepathic incidents. GL is a bit softer (as in milder, not weaker) than my mental image, but I’ve always had Clint Eastwood cast in the role. One minor character I think you nailed perfectly was Vic’s dad. He’s always been a jerk, and you managed to portray that fine line between I-still-love-my-dad and so-long-it’s-been-bad-to-know-ya. People like him are why we humans can’t have nice things!

Didn’t see any V-shaped butts, which was nice. Overall the art retains high quality, yet I note (as did Dave) the slightly refocused art and, of course, a different inker. I rather wish you could modify the Bat-suit to your own preferences, and same with Supes (at least to lose the Mandarin collar, which was cool when Cully or Jim came up with it, but has become dated).

The curve you threw was the perp coming back from the dead . That would be very revealing even to an entranced population. (Who still could not do anything about it due to the imperative.)

One question: did editorial give you the roster? It’s a bit thick with testosterone (like you would notice with your roster of lads) without Wonder Woman, Zatanna or Black Canary. Yeah, yeah - they’re busy. Off with the Fantastic Four and Spielberg’s good taste somewhere.

Oh yeah, I did pick up the AGP trade. It’s been years! My time perception is definitely warped. I guess I had Issue #2 and then all Hell broke loose. It’s next up to read!


Wonder Woman is around, she just wasn’t in the latest issue.


Yep - the whole talking with the floating oracle. I didn’t forget!
btw, heard the BvS WW is from Themyscira (sp?), so that would be later in the mythology.

I think Bryan is opening a very interesting can of worms, and I’m goin’ fishin’!


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread for last week.

Justice League of America #4 - This is really an ideal for JLA, amazing art and an intriguing story. I can already see this being an evergreen run for DC. The shoe has finally dropped (as was somewhat expected) with Rao. I’ll be curious to see how everything connects going forward. Another great issue from @bryanhitch.


I’ve just read this and really enjoyed it. It might the strongest issue so far.
Batman’s dialogue was great, I had Kevin Conroy’s voice in my head.
I can’t wait for everything to go crazy next issue. @bryanhitch is this arc going to be six issues?

One thing that stumped me is the $3.99 cover price for (by my count) 20 pages. I know this evens out if we look at the super-sized issues provided previously but still. It’s a DC decision I’m sure, and I’m not particularly bothered but I thought it was worth a mention. At least there weren’t any more half-page ads.


Rao is love.

I’ve really enjoyed this series. Best of luck on it. Been a huge fan of yours for a long time.