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JK Rowling & I against the Cybernats - This is weird!


Scotland has kind of gone crazy. In the old days you could vote any way you liked. Now there’s hundreds if not thousands of people who will barrack you online for not voting for one party. I’m actually a fan of the SNP. I think they;re wrong on some major things, but I think they’re correct on a lot too. But this election I chose to strategically go back to Labour as I want Miliband to form a government with the largest party.

Anyway, check this out. Potter-heads check out tools poor Jo Rowling gets dragged into this all the time.



That’s a shame that you can’t speak your mind without douche-bags coming out of the woodwork about it.


Politics has never been pleasant but this kind of thing manages to give it a bad name.


Saw this earlier, was going to post it in the UK politics thread if there was no thread for it.

I don’t get the tendency for Twitter storms, seems you can’t go a day without one erupting.


Just another reason to dislike Tweeter. Really, spend time here, not with Unwashed Masses. Your choices are yours. Lots of blood in the ground to get those ‘rights’. You’ve spoken calmly and clearly about your political points and point of view. This seems to affect people. Then you make a change. People notice and react. They make noise. Some noises are unpleasant. I have found Tweeter to be unpleasant in this manner and FB mostly good for pimping projects to pals. As public as figure as you and JKR have become, you really must expect noisy opposition because it’s an intrinsic feature of some humans to be loud and noisy and oppositional to just about anything. “Free food for everybody!” “We’ll get fat!” “I’m gluten sensitive!” “I can’t eat fish.” “Got any mayonnaise?”

Wait until they find out that Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl and er, the ex-Red Mist are alternate-world versions of Harry, Hermione and Ron. It’s been a plot by the authors all along! To perhaps actually influence people! Why, how dare they! You would think they were participating citizens in a democratic process somehow!