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Jim O'Hara and Sanjay of this Parish were over last week...


Ah, yes. Millar’s version of cosplay. Yes, we always store our “essential” clothing in the “guest room”, do we not? Right next to our “art work”. And etchings.

And little blue pills.

:laughing: Merry Christmas to y’all! The O’Hara’s, Millars, Sanjays - whatever! And hurry up! This Merry Christmas Mode Miqque can turn Bah Humbug in a heartbeat.


That Last panel of “wanted” has to have been inspired by something.


I really want one of those Cthulhu Kickass thingies now.

Also, my variation of the shower scene is Mark opening the shower door to see Jim and realising that the last years of building a comics/movie empire were all just a dream and that in reality, he’s just one of DC’s wage slave scribes. Also, married to Jim and not his beautiful wife.


Didn’t Rage Against the Machine do that song? It seems familiar.


Goddamn I need to watch this show more.