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Jim O'Hara and Sanjay of this Parish were over last week...


…and Jim got us the most amazing batch of Christmas presents.

He got me a Superman onesie (complete with cape) that the kids saw for the first time this morning and were in genuine awe. Total respect at breakfast and my two youngest immediately got into Batgirl and Supergirl costumes ones they had finished their Krispies.

Teaser pic attached…


Blimey, old Supes has really let himself go! :wink:





that would be my excuse too :wink:


Was it the full fleece one with the feet in it? I get hot just seeing that one hanging on the rack. Wear the emblem of our house well, Chief.


i gotta ask…
What the hell is this?:



Haha. A Kick-Ass Cthulu made for me by a reader :smile:



You have some messed up fans, buddy!
I include myself in that statement too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We stayed overnight at Mark’s while there, and the next morning I was in the shower attached to my room when I heard the apologetic voice saying “Jim, I just need to grab some clothes from in here”. I looked around the bathroom door and there was Mark just wearing a bathrobe - he needed to get something from the closet. “No problem”, I said, and then I turned back to step into the shower.

Then I had these sudden visions that I’d turn around and there would be Mark, naked, asking me if he could join me and I’d realize what his true intent had been all along…


My girls asked if I would wear a Superman “sleeper” (onesie) if I got it for Christmas, I was non-committal. :wink:


I think Mark should be wearing his onesie when he makes the video announcement for the talent search, it would be inspiring!


Your fanfic almost became reality, didn’t it?


In the small crop it looks like a Pope Frog. Which is at least as kick ass as a Cthulu.

I didn’t know it until right now, but the world needs more Pontiffrogs.


That old chestnut!?!
Been there :grimacing:


Mark walks into the room naked and says, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know anyone was in here!”

Suuure you didn’t…


No need. I recorded your entire shower for the SECRET secret mod forum!



Is that where we’re suppose to post the “Christmas Pictures” too?


Suddenly feel relieved to not be a mod…


…or staying in Mark’s house.