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Jim Belushi as Donner auditioning Reeve for Superman!


I can’t believe I’ve never seen this. SNL didn’t really work over here when tried as the humour doesn’t always translate to a British audience, but I usually know all this stuff. YET I’d never even heard of this. Does anyone know what year it’s from? Hair-wise for Reeve I’d guess around 1984/85 and yes I do know the hair of Christopher Reeve this well.

Jim Belushi as Donner is just inspired. Julia Louis Dreyfus reading the Lois Lane lines is just a total treat.



Dammit. That video doesn’t work in the US.

Jim Belushi and I do share our alma mater. Supposedly, Animal House was based on John’s visits on the weekends. :wink:


That’s a first hahah.


A lot of it is crap. I have a theory that sketch comedy is very, very difficult. In the UK that can almost never sustain past 3 series of 6 episodes and keep it funny. Monty Python, Fast Show, Little Britain all flounder around that point.

They started showing SNL back to the classic days in the early days of Sky. I was excited about all these great names and after a few episodes I realised it is hugely hit and miss and nothing to get worked up about. It’s probably the only attempt in the world to produce high volume sketch comedy and everyone moans it is never as good as before as default. I think it was never that good but it isn’t their fault.

It’s essentially a flawed concept that every now and again produces genius.


Very true.
Like the first seasons of Madtv were dire, the middles were alright, and the last 2 were dire.

#6 has this one up here stateside and has the original air date listed as April 6, 1985. You’ve backed up your Reeves’ hair claims remarkably.


Someday the Smithsonian will come calling and he’ll be ready.


With Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Rich Hall as well, getting some rare air time in season 10.