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Jetpack Win Millar for June/ Massive Cosplay right here!


Okay, so we had a FCBD competition and the store that had the best display of Millarworld characters would win me for a day completely for free. No matter where in the world this was I would fly out on my own dime and come to a signing at the store. The winner of this competition was JETPACK COMICS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE and here is their pictures. It’s AMAZING!

PS I’m also going to do a signing in Chicago around the same time next month. Keep your eyes peeled!


Well done to them.
It looks like they had a lot of fun with there entry efforts.


Exciting - they are about 5 miles from my parents’ house… Millar: Bringing Families Together.

So what day is this happening… I didn’t see it on their website in my admittedly quick glance.


I love the MM masks they handed out, that store looks like it owns …wait do people still say that? :wink:
Chicago: THANK YOU MARK! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to Jetpack Comics. That’s very cool


The signing is the 14th but it looks to be limited enough that I won’t be getting in. Ah well, next time.


Checks google maps, “Oh, it’s only a 7 hour drive!”. Reads site, “Aw, it’s limited because Mark and Sean have too many fans.” TOO MANY FANS!


Just found out I got a ticket! A very good day!