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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


I agree on the padding issue, and the repetitiveness that Hank mentions. But I don’t think more MCU would have solved that problem. Might have alleviated it if there’d be more powers in there, yes, but they could also have made more of the “superpowered PI” thing even in working normal cases.

As you say, the biggest problem was making it about the Purple Man from the start.


Actually I mean The Joker;

Oh wait!!!


I’d go to the natural conclusion of Nick Nolte in Hulk - but can’t find a good clip


The Red Skull was pretty crap on the page though, it’s just that Weaving has so much fun chewing the scenery that he becomes awesome.


That’s why he’s the best.
Loki? He’s pretty okay on paper - but on screen he’s unimpressive, even more so in Avengers and Thor 2.

But Red Skull? He makes the right impression. Similarly to Yellowjacket. Not very dimensionalized…but hits those beats


I’ve finished it, and ultimately I enjoyed it. I believe I will like it much more on rewatches. I liked all of the characters, especially how they were true to their flaws until the absolutely bitter end, especially Hogarth… love her. It is startling how I find it refreshing for characters to grow within their personalities, instead of losing them to a sudden, heroic heel-face turn (“heroic” being relative here).

I will probably start over at the beginning after food coma today. I did like it. It just isn’t an “easy-listening” narrative.


There’s a reason for that.


I know exactly what you mean.
The movie is so good it must be experienced in its entirety.


Wow… Eps 8 and 9 were jaw dropping for me.


that later middle section - episodes 7,8,9,10 are the best of the series.

Really, you could have done a six-eight episode series with those at the centre and two bookends and it wouldve been fine.

I mean youd have to cut a lot of stuff to do with Simpson, Hogarth, Morgan etc, but Im not sure how worse off youd be.


Even though I loved it, there is one important thing I need to say:

if marvel kills another world-weary black investigative kind of guy that begrudgingly comes over to helping the series’ protagonist, there’ll be a justified reason to be a bit upset


‘Jessica Jones’ is a Terrifying and Smashing Success


Just wrapped this series last night. Ill just fire off some random thoughts…
I’ll agree, it really picks up steam in the latter half episodes, and I felt like I was literally taken in the journey.
I’m not a fan of her roommate/neighbor junkie subplot, and the fight scenes seemed to get a little better than they were in the first couple of episodes.
Loved the relationship between her and Trish. It’s the best relationship in the show. I feel nothing when her and Cage are together in a room. Maybe in his own show, the actor can flex his chops a little more, but the overall portrayal of him on JJ was not my cup of tea.


‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’: The 7 Stages of Your Shameful Kilgrave Crush

Wasn’t aware anyone might actually be crushing on Kilgrave, but…


How long until we get Tumblr fan art of Kilgrave, like, ironing shirts? Playing video games with Kingpin and Loki?



Hey, was it ever revealed why Luke Cage’s wife had a video of Kilgrave as a kid? <-- Probably best not to click that or read answers until you’ve watched the whole season.


If it’s in there I didn’t catch it either. Nor how there would be a USB drive holding all those recordings that seems to have been buried prior to the time period in which such a device exists


Pym tech.


Minor spoiler for the final episode…

Seriously, why did it take so long for somebody to wear headphones and blast loud music while confronting Kilgrave?


Also one of my favorite Misfits eps