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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


It was a terrible fight. Really lacklustre.

The only way I can accept it is that the superhumans were holding themselves back.

Even then, whoever staged it was not doing a great job.


I dunno. It works for me.

If I could throw someone about, I would. Especially considering punching has had less desirable resilts in the past.


When Marvel claims “it’s all connected”, they don’t actually include Marvel TV in that right?
This was completely disconnected. Disconnected from the Cinematic Universe. Disconnected from Agents of SHIELD. Even disconnected from Netflix’s own Daredevil. For me, expositional name dropping isn’t enough to connect them. They could have at least had the show excuse their absence by saying that Daredevil’s ultra-hearing would make him more susceptible to Killgrave. Or saying that they cannot involve earth’s mightiest heroes as they might get Killgraved and destroy the world.

Alias had so much more connections to the other comics than this show did. 1. No Carol Danvers as best friend. 2. No Scott Lang as boyfriend. 3. No Daredevil as customer. No Daredevil at all even though he lives down the block lol. 4. No Spidey fight in the background. 5. No Avengers history. 6. No Scarlet Witch beat down at Jessica’s (killgraved) hands. 6. Thus no Jessica beatdown at the hands of the Avengers. 6. Even the law firm she used was deliberately disconnected from the law firms used in Daredevil.

I enjoy the TV shows, but i’d enjoy them more if the mattered in the MCU. The TV shows name drop the MCU (actually, they don’t even say their actual names!) but nothing much more than that. The MCU completely ignores the TV shows completely even when they could easily do it. Do the Avengers even know that Phil is back from the dead?


The various bits of the MCU are interconnected in exactly the same way the comics are; when Marvel want them to be.


I was watching episode 11 last night, and I thought that there was a nice moment for Matt or Foggy Avocado’s at law to walk into the room. It didn’t happen.

I don’t mind that the various TV shows haven’t crossed over too much. It didn’t always happen in the comics. When it did, it was cool but the comics had their own things going on. They weren’t always dependent on a lift from a Wolverine cameo.

Potential spoilery question Am I imagining it, or is the apartment that Kilgrave holes up in the same one that Fisk lived in in Daredevil?


I think it’s connected in a way that makes sense for the character and the story. We do have a ton of “Marvel” connections, whether it’s Luke Cage, Patsy Walker, Claire Temple, the introduction of Nuke, the case Jessica works that involves a woman trying to get revenge on superpowered people for her mother’s death during the invasion in Avengers, etc

It’s reasonable that during the time the story is taking place Jessica and Kilgrave would still be pretty much off of SHIELD’s radar, since they’re both kind of operating in the shadows. I could see it becoming more connected in the second season, as they’re a bit more public now (although, they’re also now operating in a world where Inhumans are popping up left and right, a robot apocalypse just happened, and the big superheroes are about to go at it with each other, so they’d probably be pretty low priority).

And strictly in terms of the audience, it makes sense to keep the series on their own and light on inter-continuity, especially given the Netflix model. Someone could start with Daredevil or Jessica Jones and go on to the other series without having had it spoiled.


All of that is possible so;

Why say it’s connected and then not connect it? What’s the point?


It’s there for the people who find that sort of thing appealing, and unobtrusive for the people that would be turned off by it. It also leaves the door open for connecting it more down the road (if they decide that Daredevil is enough of a hit and it would be cool to have Charlie Cox show up as Daredevil in a Spider-Man movie or something, they can do it without people being too confused).

And the Netflix shows themselves are connected by necessity, despite DD not showing up here. Not only are they building to a shared series (The Defenders) but Luke Cage was a huge part of this show, and he’s the next series they’re doing. It also shows how thoughtfully they’re using the connections. DD isn’t particularly important to Jessica Jones as a character, so pulling him in pulls focus from her. Luke, on the other hand, is incredibly important, so it makes sense for him to be in her series.

Honestly, it’s the sort of thing where not everyone is going to be completely satisfied. Just as there are some that aren’t happy the shows and movies aren’t more connected, there are others that are bothered by their being connected at all. Marvel seems to be doing a better job at walking that line than DC, which is keeping not only their movie and TV stuff separate, but even some of their TV stuff separate from each other (Supergirl, Gotham). You end up with this unnecessary internal competition (no Superman on Supergirl, no Batman or Wonder Woman on Flash or Arrow, and two competing versions of the Flash pretty soon) that could have been better navigated.


They can’t have it both ways though. If they say its connected then don’t connect they’ll annoy the people who like connections.

It’s pointless.

DC are doing better by NOT pretending to connect things. Everyone knows where the series and movies stand.


They can, they are, and it’s working just fine for them (aside from a minority of complaints that don’t seem to be affecting the success of the projects). It’s just not working for you.

And it’s not that DC is doing better. For one thing, there’s no evidence that they are. The real test will be when you have a Flash movie that’s entirely unrelated to the successful Flash TV series, likely retreading some of the same beats. Again, it’s working better for you. I prefer Marvel’s approach.

Also, if someone can watch all of the Marvel stuff and not get that they’re connected or know where they stand, then they aren’t paying attention. The only way for them to be more connected would be to essentially make everything, movie and TV, direct sequels to each other, and there’s no benefit to that.

And, really, Marvel just launched a successful TV series focused on Jessica Jones, a successful movie focused on Ant-Man (and the less interesting iteration of Ant-Man, at that), and Agents of SHIELD is in it’s third season with no A-list characters. However they’re handling the inter-connectedness, it’s working just fine for them.


I have no issues with the interconnectivity of the universe… I think it’s perfect.


I don’t watch the DC shows, I’m referring to “success” as, “not annoying people”.

And I’ve also been singing Marvel’s praises with how they improved ‘Agents of SHIELD’ after a lacklustre start (even though it’s never really found a big audience) and found a hit with ‘Ant-Man’ despite huge problems behind the scenes.

The MCU concept is a bit of a non-starter though. DC, by not bothering with it, sidesteps the whole thing.

They’re now starting to do it with their movies, so we’ll see how that goes?

Universal’s horror universe will also be interesting, if they actually follow through on that too.


If I were them, I’d keep the Brendan Frasier and Wolf Man movies canon.
Then just put everything else into present day.


I’ll be going back to read all of your posts after I finish the series, but so far I’m on ep 5 and it’s great. I’m really glad I watched the Doctor Whonaissance, because it’s quite clear that part of the appeal for Tennant was playing the evil version of the doctor, with so many parallels.


I don’t think there was any problem with the interconnectedness of Jessica Jones with the rest of the MCU.

Why would they? Jessica doesn’t know Daredevil, let alone the Avengers. Why on earth would she make a point of saying she can’t go and ask someone she doesn’t know for help, even if she was the kind of character who asked anyone for help? Interconnectedness is great, but verisimilitude of story is much more important.

The show needs to be able to stand on its own feet and that means making it accessible to people who haven’t seen Daredevil. And besides, it pretty much launches Luke Cage as well. It’s inextricably connected to and pretty much sets up a show that hasn’t been made yet.

As to your other complaints, well, it was never going to be a beat by beat remake of Alias. It would be naive to expect it to be.


Latest news on that is Tom Cruise is in negotiations to join ‘The Mummy’.

If they’re making the monsters the stars, is he going to be playing an ancient Egyptian?


Cruise should be O’Connell’s descendant.
I mean - try and say you can’t picture that?


That’s fair but my point isn’t just that I wish it was exactly like Alias. My point is that I wish it had more direct connections to the MCU in the same ways that Alias did. I mean Bendis was not allowed to use most of the major Marvel characters because he was using the mature imprint, but he still incorporated many characters and places from the rest of the comics universe. The fact that the Marvel TV Shows don’t do that, is because they CAN’T do it. It’s not because they feel like it won’t make the show better, it’s because Feige has forbidden it. I think that is pretty clear. Especially after the show creator admitted that she originally wanted to use Carol Danvers.


Exactly this.


Someone can also easily read Alias without having Ant-man or Captain Marvel or any of the other comics “spoiled”. The reason for the disconnect is not because the show creators want the disconnect. It is because the MCU creators are ordering them not to connect to the movies.

Look, I enjoy the shows. Just saying that I would like it more if it was actually connected.