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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


I think it could partly be the writing. I bought the chemistry early on when it was all passion. But later on, when he’s not over her lying to him about his dead wife, the show tries to push them together too fast.

I liked the show well enough the entire time, but for me it didn’t become brilliant until Jessica goes to live with Kilgrave–maybe even when she locks him in the “sin bin.” After that, it was nuts until the finale, which wasn’t bad but didn’t completely deliver.


I’ve reached the end of the series…


I also can’t use the bloody spoiler thing properly, haha! This is what I was going to say… The thing that’s bugging me is the IGH thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is referring to the MGH drug from Bendis’ Marvel Knights Daredevil. MGH being the acronym for Mutant Growth Hormone. Marvel can’t use “Mutant” because of Fox, so in this case, IGH stands for Inhuman Growth Hormone… what do you think?

Sorry to anyone who managed to read that before I figured it out!


I haven’t seen the programme, but are you sure it wasn’t Starry Night by Van Gogh?


I haven’t been reading the posts on this thread as I’m still watching the series, so apologies if I’m repeating something said above. It’s not on purpose. Honest.

I am about 8 Episodes through at this stage. I’m enjoying it and it is certainly going to some interesting places. And some unexpected places for a show based in a superhero universe, although maybe not if you have read Alias .

I’m surprised that they brought Kilgrave into things so early in the game. Eight episodes in and it seems like they have written themselves into a corner. Episodes 7 and 8 seemed very similar, and sort of like they were spinning the wheels showing us different versions of the same thing.

Ritter is absolutely brilliant in the lead. Her body language and aspect work for the character. And the costuming really works for the character too. When she is out and about, she is usually wearing a lot of layers (ok…it is also cold), showing how guarded she is.

And David Tennant. I knew that he was a good actor, based on Doctor Who and Hamlet, but he is is deliciously creepy in this. I know that he was considered for the lead role in Hannibal. At the time, I couldn’t see it, but based on his turn as Kilgrave, I could see how it would have worked. It would have been different to Mads Mikelsen and Anthony Hopkins, maybe a little more mundane but just as creepy.

More thoughts when I finish the series.


I think Jessica was Jessica’s biggest impediment, not just with Kilgrave but with everything.

Something I would’ve liked to see addressed more directly is that, although she has power. that doesn’t mean she knows how to get the best results with it.

Simpson, before he goes nuts, has a much better handle on things.


I have to say the whole deal with Hope irks now that she ended up dying. It really made whole “conversation” that was going on about the nature of justice and whatnot become rather two dimensional. I mean, “kill him”, “okay”. Alright…guess that settles that.


Hope is more heroic than Jessica.

Once Hope realises that Jessica’s obsession with proving her innocence is holding her back, she kills herself to clear the logjam in Jessica’s head.

Jessica is actually really selfish, everything she does is about her feelings, her sense of guilt. She says she wants to help Hope but she’s really just trying to make herself feel better.

Even if she’d apprehended Kilgrave successfully and proved he was controlling Hope, how many other people would’ve suffered and died to clear one person?


Oh yeah, I agree with all of that - but my main point it makes it pretty much of a shaggy dog story.


Yes it is.

If they’d addressed all the problems around Jessica’s behaviour it would’ve meant a lot more.


Argh, my brain.


Sweet Christmas!


Up to episode 8 now. Really liking this now (not quite finished the ep now), with Killgrave playing house with Jessica allowing both actors to explore the relationship between their characters fully. Tennant’s having fun here, and being genuinely good.

it was time though. I thought the episodes before that were treading water, with “99 Friends”'s plot being a bit too silly, “You’re a Winner!” a bit tedious and “Top Shelf Parents”'s plot of Jessica suddenly deciding she wants to go to supermax just being too stupid a decision to buy. The scene with Killgrave showing up at the police station was great though.

It’s a shame, but the super-powered moments mostly really aren’t done very well. Well, Killgrave’s powers are genuinely scary, but the physical side of things… I think I get what they’re aiming for here - that this isn’t Daredevil; that these people all haven’t learned kung fu or something but that the fights are supposed to be more out of control and chaotic, but… it’s mostly Jessica and Luke throwing people around. The fights are all just big brawls that aren’t really well done; there is no dramatic structure and nothing very interesting to look at. After series like Burn Notice, Person of Interest, Daredevil and Banshee, it just feel like they didn’t think to properly invest into this side of things, and that’s a bit of a shame. I mean, it’s not that fighty a show, but at the same time there’s just too much fighting for it to be boring.

I mean… look:

Compare this to Jessica fighting her way out of that family’s house in, uh, episode three or four. That should’ve had a vibe like this one, but didn’t really, because Banshee is interested in making these fights look as good and feel as visceral as possible. A lot of it is in the camera work and the editing, too, not just the choreography.


I feel like what you are referring to wasn’t really a fight, it was Jessica trying not to seriously hurt people.

So far (only three in) I like that the fights are very realistic as it relates to someone with super powers fighting someone (or a bunch of someones) without.

The bar fight was the a great example of that.


Definitely, though I think that was a feature of the show, rather than a bug. With Robyn and Jeri though, it seemed like they were in the show just to mess up one of Jessica’s plans to get Kilgrave. I liked both characters, but if you removed them how much does the overall story change?

I might have cheered when he said that first.


I don’t think it can be overstated how much of a walking, talking, obstacle Robyn was.


The season would be would be shorter.

I thought that a lot of characters were there to show the collateral damage that Jessica was causing, but since it’s not something that got properly addressed so, maybe they were just to get the season to 13 episodes?


I like Kilgrave as the villain, and like seeing how his victims are having real world ramifications.


Wait, so the big twist is that Jessica Jones is actually a psychological drama with lip service to superheroes? . ?

I guess all that gets undone when it turns out Patsy Walker was a skrull.


Nah, it was actually one of the more exciting fights of the show. There’s fights in later episode that are rather extensive, given that they are boringly staged. The amount of people getting thrown across the room is especially irritating, given that there’s a lot of other stuff you can do with super-strength. The people-thrown-ration actually reminds me of 80s shows a bit.