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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


I did. I really liked Electra.


I did think it was a mistake to put the Daredevil costume from the show in broad daylight. The harsh light wasn’t kind to it. The bits where Matt used Jessica’s scarf as a mask were pretty great though.


Heh. That was great. I think what I liked about Defenders the most was just how awkward everyone was. They were so used to living in their own land of secrets, they lacked the ability to communicate them, even though communications is Matt and Jessica’s job. Although, I liked Jessica’s approach best.


Yeah, I think that’ll make a huge difference where both DD S2 and Defenders are concerned.




There seems to be some major plot points in that trailer. I’m sorry I watched it…


Finished S2. Starts off slowly, but unlike most of the other Marvel shows, it gets better as it goes.

It’s weird that the show completely ignores Defenders, but I remember almost nothing of that, so it’s probably for the best.

The revelation of Janet McTeer as Jessica’s mother is good, but they didn’t need to save it for halfway through the season. Their relationship was the best part of the season, and it was annoying they held off on it for so long.

Everything with Carrie-Anne Moss’s storyline could have been cut from the season and I wouldn’t have noticed or cared. They should have dumped the character.

Some of the Trish/Patsy stuff was good, but it goes off the rails towards the end of the season when they need to set her up to become Hellcat.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but it was definitely a step down from S1, which was my favourite of the Netflix shows.

  1. Luke Cage
  2. Daredevil S2
  3. Jessica Jones
  4. Daredevil S1
  5. Defenders

Enjoyed them all a fair bit, except for Defenders, which was pretty bad. I will watch Punisher soon, but I’ve done a big old swerve out of Iron Fist’s path.

Just watch the first episode of Jessica Jones S2. It’s fun to spend time in the company of these characters, but it all felt a bit pedestrian and predicable, I feel like I’ve watched the first half of an episode stretched out into full episode length.



I liked it… one the one hand it was much better structured, plot-wise with basically one main plot thorughout the season with multiple minor side plots (it’s basically the Punisher S1 structure as well)… but much like the P1 season, it also suffers from a lot of slow-paced moments… very “decompressed”, but eh… I’m not entirely against it… it did feel better paced overall.

Nothing ground-breaking or balls-to-the-wall amazing, but it was fun spending more time with the characters. Btw, the writting was a lot better this season in terms of character, all of them were really grey and complex, except one (the asian PI dude, he was as 2D as they get). There were no heroes and no villains here, just very complex and human (flawed, veeeery) people.


Have you watched the entire S2 of JJ already??


Yeah, I actually spread it through 3 days this time… I usually binge them all the way through =P


Just about finished episode 2, all the Spider-Man reference gags are great.


Having just finished it I am so impressed by Netflix Marvel. I can only assume the work it takes to make so many series that struggle to pull the plot so thinly over 13 episodes when it seems clear there’s only enough story for 10. At this point I feel it can’t be coincidence and something they’ve somehow ingeniously mastered on purpose.

One unsarcastic thing I will say is that, having seen Ritter in interviews, she’s an incredible actor. Jessica Jones is one of the most believable characters on TV and so different from the person who plays her. Ritter makes Jones come to life more than ever. It’s just a pity that life is a bit shit for a superhero show, or even one about a detective.


Yeah, she’s basically a less evil version of her character in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23


Overall I enjoyed the season. It starts off a bit slow, but then picks up around episode 3-4 and gets better. I liked the reveal of Jessica’s mother. But it felt like they dragged that out too long towards the end. Which ties in with the continuing problems with these shows of having to many episodes. Even just cutting it to 12 would tighten things up a bit.

I do like where it leaves the characters though. Some interesting set up for season 3.


Oh, I don’t know. That character did nice things for the other girl now and then. Jessica is just grumpy and hits people all the time.

I’ve only watched three episodes, and I actually like that it’s building slowly. Feels like they’re taking their time to explore the story this time, which hopefully means that it won’t be like last season, where they brought in Killgrave too early and then had to spend the rest of the season catching and releasing him again.

Also, I like that Carrie Ann Moss’s character is getting so much screentime. She’s interesting. Her story is probably more interesting to me than Jessica’s right now, which is of course not a good sign…


I meant Kristen Ritter is like that in real life.


Ah, okay! Well, that sounds like someone who is a lot of fun to be around.