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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


Actually, that’s exactly what it says. It also talks a bit about her mental approach to physical violence.


I finished the series a while ago but forgot about this thread. I’ll try to add my thoughts as I go. My overall thoughts on the show is that it started very dark but while it did deal with some disturbing elements didn’t continue to be as dark as the first few episodes hint. I think they could have edited it down a bit. It seemed to go in circles a bit once they finally encountered Killgrave. I really liked Luke Cage. It needed more of him to offset Jessica’s unlikeableness. I got a bit bored with Tennant. I wish they would have played him more as a bogeyman in the shadow until closer to the end. I get the feeling that how Jessica, Luke and Killgrave got their powers will end up being linked maybe to something similar to the Super Soldier program. The actors were great but I felt they were spinning in circles for too much of the season. Ultimately, I think I liked Daredevil a bit better.

She actually reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who ironically kind of looks like her too.

I thought that was funny too. It was Wild Turkey which should have been far from the cheapest available. Surely there was some Early Times on that shelf.

These are my feelings almost exactly.

Ya. Those repeating beats definitely made it feel very padded.

I thought that was pretty funny especially next to Jeri’s Audi.

This is generally done in movie and TV dialog. When I was in a scriptwriting class, they told us to write out a normal conversation and then take out everything that isn’t need for the story.


Also, Hyundai’s are surprisingly nice these days.


It’s a tricky one that, because there’s expectation and then reality.

Reality says millionaires (or even billionaires) will be all sorts of people driving all sorts of cars. For every rich person in the back of Rolls Royce there’ll be one driving a Prius to save the planet or a Ford to save money.

But in fiction what matters is that the car fits the character. Tony Stark can drive an Audi, but it had better be a fast expensive Audi.


They’re nice but the only celebrities that are driving them are doing it for paid endorsements. :wink:


Fine automobiles, and it differs from country to country based on tariffs and whatnot - they’re pretty cheap cars here, reliable but not flashy. I’d be surprised if any millionaires are driving them around.


I’ve been looking at cars recently as I need to change my current jalopy before bits of it start falling off. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Hyundai’s from people who own them. Not too expensive. Not too expensive to run. And here they have a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

I’m probably not going to buy one, but they don’t look bad at all.


I had a Hyundai Accent two cars ago.

It was a good vehicle, no complaints from me.


This just in:

“Jessica Jones” was the correct response to a question on Jeopardy last night. She’s official!


Finally finished this earlier this week (clearing my to-watch list ahead of Daredevil). It was a disappointment but it had a few good things going for it: Luke Cage was great (can’t wait for his series), Tennant played his part perfectly, and there were some good setpieces that made inventive use of the Purple Man’s powers.

Most of the drawbacks have already been covered, so I won’t go on at length, but I do think the show really missed a trick by not giving us a sense of Jessica as a person and her regular life before bringing in the Purple Man: as a result, it ends up feeling like the conflict with him defines her, when the comic handled it better by starting in a post-Purple Man state, but telling lots of other stories with Jessica before getting around to addressing her past trauma.

Other than that, the usual complaints: it’s repetitive, padded, repetitive, uses gore for shock value a bit too much, and it’s a bit repetitive. Getting through the last few episodes became a real slog in the end.

Also I think Ritter was miscast, or at least misdirected: I never felt particularly sympathetic towards her, and her hard-ass routine felt a bit one-note and over-the-top, when something a bit more natural and nuanced might have worked better.

At this stage I’m not sure I’ll bother with season two.


I thought it was great but there isnt a whole slew of iconic Jessica Jones stuff to sample from, apart from Purple Man, so im curious where theyll go.

I said earlier, ive heard power broker


I think that is very true, and the one weakness of the series that they can’t really fix.


They can, they can write Jessica as less of a selfish asshole.


The writing wasn’t what Dave was talking about, though, it was the performance.

A better actress might have managed to make Jessica relatable in spite of her flaws (and in spite of her lines).


He said misdirected or miscast and that she wasn’t sympathetic.

I don’t think that’s the acting or the directing, I think that’s the writing.

Jessica acts for herself, her own feelings of guilt and anger. She wants to pretend it’s heroic but it never is. That’s what makes her such an unlikeable protagonist. She’s just not a good person.

And none of that is down to the actor or the director. They don’t decide what a character does, what choices they make, they just carry them out.


Yeah, true, it’s a flaw of both performance and writing I think. The writing of the character wasn’t great, but Ritter’s performance was a bit one-note too, and played some of the more complex moments that were provided by the script a bit flat.


Like Dave says, it’s a combination. I don’t disagree where the writing is concerned, either.

There’s plenty of characters on TV who are selfish and off-putting and still likeable in some way. Often, that’s also due to the actors portraying them and wouldn’t work as well if it were somebody else. In this case, it doesn’t.


She gets people killed and she doesn’t learn from her mistakes, to me that’s the deal breaker.

But I had the same sort of problem with Karen in Daredevil and they made real progress with her in the second season. I have hopes for Jessica.


Which was kind of my point. The problems with the writing they can fix; the casting they can’t. But yeah, given how well they figured out how to fix Daredevil’s flaws, there’s a good chance Jessica is going to work better, as a character, next season.


To be honest I struggled to understand some of her thought processes, especially when it came to her various weird/illogical plans to tackle the Purple Man. It’s one thing to not agree with a character’s actions and find them unlikeable, but when you don’t even understand why they’re doing what they’re doing I think it’s definitely a fault of the writing. It creates a disconnect with the character that’s exacerbated by the performance.