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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


I dunno.

It seems like the network (Netflix in this case) is saying “Don’t worry about who all is watching, just keep making what you want to make, we love it and you don’t have to bother about catering to an audience and don’t want you to be influenced by the numbers. You do you.”

That’s pretty amazing.


It might be if Netflix didn’t are about the numbers, but they are a business and they need their investments in programming to pay off so I would be surprised if they don’t sit down with the suppliers and discuss the content of their shows.

They just do it with more information than the producers they’re dealing with have.


It could be tactical. Without numbers competitors arent encouraged to ape ratings smashes and arent as clued in about changing tastes.


As soon as it became clear that Killgrave would dominate the storyline fairly early in, I checked out. Not that interested as, and I think others pointed this out, it becomes about Jessica’s life being disrupted even before we get a sense of what her life is.


It also looks like the second season, assuming there is one, will be taken up by an investigation into IGH; yet another shadowy organisation of evil conspiracies. It feels like there are already too many of those in the Marvel movies/TV shows realm. I would prefer a more episodic detective show than something that feels more suitable to Agent Phil than Jessica Jones. Still, have to wait and see.


In an interview with the showrunner she said she come up with IGH but she doesn’t know if she’ll explore it in the next season assuming there is one. She hypothesised it could become a plotline for Defenders.

She also teased the appearance of the Jewel and Knightress costumes . Not sure how that would go down.



If anyone still has interest in this group, I would like to see a case of the week (or in netflix case; case of the whatever hour you have free) series while dealing with a main plot being carried out episode B story style for season two. I thought just going after Killgrave kinda dragged in the last few episodes, but I think the show as a whole was great.
“I love you.”


I liked Jessica Jones, but the pacing didn’t work. There were too many false climaxes with Kilgrave that it all sort of treaded water for a while until it didn’t any more.

A different approach to Season 2 would be great.




A very good idea.


Yeah. There wasn’t enough going on in the series to keep a decent narrative going for 13 episodes.


Ive read theories that the next season will feature Malus and Power Broker as the villains.


That’d be cool. I love it when they use old villains like that. Marvel has a fairly rich rogues gallery and it would be great to see some of those sorts of characters (possibly slightly obscure characters) getting an airing.


Daredevil had much the same problem. I think a 10-episode length for the level of story they’re trying to tell would be perfect.


10, or even fewer - it’s Netflix, there’s no reason to adhere to the standard 13, 26, or ten episode structure. Be free.


Or break it into different story arcs. There is no rule that says that it needs to be one long movie. That was what was expected. They could be a bit more experimental about it if they wanted to.

For all of the complaining people do about the last few series of Doctor Who, no one can say that they didn’t try different things with the form (big movie level single episodes/ two and three parters with very different feels to each part etc.). Something like that might make sense given the source material. Jessica Jones did work on a lot of different cases throughout Alias with different flavours to them.



On the other hand, I wish each season of Game of Thrones could be 13 episodes instead of 10.


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… Does this pose the question: “Why is someone who trained rigorously in the ways of a secret ninja fighting clan since a pre-teen and has enhanced senses, better at fighting than someone who… doesn’t have that stuff?”