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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion


Alan Moore’s essays on writing say pretty much exactly this. That as soon as you’re writing on the basis of what you think other people want to hear, you’re going to lose sight of what makes your writing original or special or interesting in the first place.


Similarly, Warren Ellis has repeatedly talked about how he writes what he likes and what he wants to write, as once he compromises he knows it’s nto his best work.


He’s lucky there’s a market for what he likes and wants to write.

Writing, like all art, is a mixture of professional technique and inspiration. When artists of any kind are starting out they’re going to do work to earn money, pay bills and build a following.

If they’re lucky enough to become well known and have a big enough following then they can do the projects they want to and only those projects.

Everyone else is still going to be looking for work, and willing to take it on even when it doesn’t motivate them as much as their own projects.


I’m halfway through at the moment but hoping to finish over the weekend. I’ve actually really enjoyed it so far and the only person I’ve found slightly annoying is the cop but I can’t seem to pin down why yet.


Finally finished the series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved Killgrave. Great performance. I’d say more but I’ve been drinking and can’t guarantee if I start yapping it’ll stay spoiler free!


Netflix just asked me to take part in a survey about Jessica Jones.

I let them know I didn’t like the fight scenes :slight_smile:


I liked Jessica Jones more than any Marvel property thus far.

Also, Russo isn’t actually the one who gets to decide the stuff he is being given credit for deciding in this thread.


I loved the series. Daredevil keeps the top-spot but I loved the themes with JJ and Tennant was hella impressive as Kilgrave. Loki aside, Marvel’s Netflix shows are sticking it to the movies as far as the villains go haha. Very impressive work all-round :smile:


Finished it last night - kind of an underwhelming end.

It was of course a relief to see Kilgrave’s end, but it might have been more clever to have had Trish be secretly inoculated by the professor’s vaccine mixture, and she shoots him as they kiss, but that may provide less of a sense of closure than having Jessica do the deed.

As for product placement, I didn’t mind too much of it (though the reliance on text messages is a distraction, especially when they don’t show the screen in close enough a zoom - I missed most of them), but it wasn’t until the last episode that I realised that Trish’s car was a Hyundai (they show the rear badge quite prominently) - she’s surely a millionaire; why would she be driving a Hyundai?

There were a lot of phone calls throughout the show and something I always notice since it was pointed out to me (and you will now too!) is how few phone calls in film and TV end with an actual “goodbye”. There was one “goodbye” in the second last episode; that might have been it.


Wish we would have seen this!


Enjoyed the show overall, and yes, finally a strong female main character.
Apart from that, the plot seemed to me too much diluted (because it had to last 13 episodes) and the secondary characters’arcs didn’t make a lot of sense (they served more as Jessica helpers, but taken individually… uhm).
6,5/10 for me.


Finished the final four episodes yesterday afternoon. Overall, I enjoyed the series more than I did the Daredevil one, primarily due to David Tennant’s excellent performance. I think both series suffer from being 3 episodes too long.

I hope Jessica’s character is featured in the upcoming Luke Cage series. I’d like to see her again.


As I understand it, Jessica isn’t going to be in Luke Cage. The only crossover character is Claire again. Misty Knight is in it though, I like the idea of each show adding a couple more street level characters


Luke Cage was PERFECT!


David Tennant was the purple cherry on top


Ive run into lots of people whove been loving this and havent even heard if Daredevil.

I bet its doing killer numbers.


I wish Netflix would release numbers, if only to brag.


I prefer it this way, if only because I find discussion of such numbers tedious. Netflix are refreshing in their refusal to talk about it.


But it’s not just that they don’t talk about it, they refuse to tell even the producers of the shows. I don’t care that much how the shows are doing (some of my favourite shows have terrible ratings), but if I made the show I’d want to know.


Yeah, that’s less defensible.