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Jessica Jones - Netflix series discussion

With Jessica Jones being released on Netflix this week I thought it would be worth having a dedicated place to discuss the show separate from the Marvel TV thread.

With Daredevil, we kept discussion of any spoilery plot points (ie. anything not given away by the trailers and advance marketing) inside spoiler tags as everyone will be watching the episodes at a different pace, so unless anyone has any objections I think we should do the same here.

Looking forward to it kicking off on Friday.


Cheers Dave, yes to reiterate we usually allow spoiler free postings for stuff already released but the Netflix dump model means unless everyone has 13 free hours immediately after it comes out, or more importantly the inclination to do that, we’ll all be watching at a different pace.

Spoiler instructions are below:

To set spoiler text: use the tags [spoiler] [\spoiler] around your text.
To read spoiler text, click on it and the blurred lines will become clear.
Don’t start a new paragraph between the tags or it doesn’t work.


I figure some time after New Year’s I’ll hit Netflix for a bit, catch up with DD and JJ, maybe some proprietary movies or whatever.


I think Tennant will be the third best Marvel villain after Red Skull and Yellowjacket

Spoiler test

He was actually my dream choice for playing the Joker for D.C.


Nah, i think he’d be a better Scarecrow or even Clayface

Ohhh Scarecrow never considered that one. Like your thinking.


Wouldn’t Clayface be played by a CGI blob of clay, and whoever he was impersonating?

The Purple Man does have a bit in common with The Scarecrow.


I clearly meant as a base form. I mean, he would have one. Basil Karlo

Or 42! :laughing:

Not exactly kidding about 42, either! :smile_cat:

Hmm I’m surprised you like Yellowjacket.
I thought he was a bland version of Stane with the generic daddy issues.
Then again I cared for that movie far, far less than the average moviegoer. In fact, I simply didn’t care for it.

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He reminded me a lot of Red Skull.
Somewhat thinly veiled daddy issues, relished being evil, incredibly hammy actor, incredibly over the top lines, and just…gets so angry and he’s a riot.
Honestly, that’s why I place those two at the top. Because…they’re just an incredibly entertaining experience unto themselves.

I’m actually not a fan of the MCU in general overall.

I’ll binge watch the crap out of it as soon as I can =P

Since I don’t have a clue about JJ though, I’ll stay out of the spoilers for this one…

Daredevil is probably one of my favorite comic adaptations ever, hope this show does well.
Alias is an amazing comic set in the Marvel Universe, this shows probably gonna change ALLOT of Jessica’s history with the Avengers and Super Heroics though, I probably won’t be mad unless the way they change it is bad.

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Any theories on how Jessica Jones got her powers? I hope they make her an Inhuman. Since it’s in New York, it’s probably connected to the Battle of New York.

I get impression that her history goes back a little further than that (the character doesn’t really work the same if she’s only just got these powers) but we’ll see I guess.

Today’s the day, anyway! Anyone checked it out yet?

Yeah, I guess you’re right. The Battle of New York happened not too long ago. Maybe she was under the Purple Man’s thrall when it happened.

Ep. 1 is really great. Pretty wrenching. Definitely a bit of a horror vibe with Kilgrave. Much better start than DD’s.

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