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Jesse Eisenberg compares Comicon to 'genocide'


It’s always interesting when an actor goes off-script and the PR people rush a response…

But the damage is done. The words can’t be taken back. Or as one man put it very succinctly…


I mean, it’s clear (ish) what he means, the whole mob and frenzy of it all.
But goddamn, foot in mouth.

This’ll blow over for Lex.


It is so rare that you get someone’s raw impression of something and not their filtered media training answer. I’m not big on crowds. I’ve been to smaller cons and done OK but have hesitated on wanting to do SDCC for that reason. So I guess I somewhat understand where he’s coming from. My wife is a musician with theatre training as are a lot of our friends. So I’m getting more used to people who are just hyperbolous in general. In fact, a recent conversation with my wife and I started around it.


And apparently Eisenberg has social anxiety, so I can see SDCC having tinges of a negative connotations for him.


On the video Mark embedded, it had this recommendation after the video finished:


I was actually quite surprised that he went to Comicon given his reputation for social anxiety. I can understand the misgivings. I am phobic of crowds and would find that terribly difficult.

That said, genocide is an awfully harsh word to use in general and particularly about people who are only there to praise you and basically treat you like a rockstar. So if you can’t say something nice…


I don’t have anything against Jesse but I am having a VERY hard time with him as Lex. His comment was a bit off-the-cuff but hey, aren’t we glad nobody is recording all the stupid crap we say everyday? :wink:


No. We just post it online :wink:


I’m having a very easy time with him as Lex.

But yeah, he should have just…thought a second.
Glad he didn’t say “holocaust”


He said something dumb without thinking it through, we’ve all done it.

Does anyone seriously think he holds the intellectual belief that Comicon is comparable to genocide?


Of course you’re right. We live in the age of the instant soundbite, so all of this sort of stuff gets blown out of proportion.

Maybe it could have been a valid comparison that year the guy got stabbed in Hall H… :smiley: Just kidding.


He was just trying to distract from Lex’s wig. Now that could be compared to genocide!


It’s a magnificent wig


Is there any further doubt he IS Lex Luthor?


If he compared Comicon to an elabourate Real Estate scam maybe… :wink:


ComiCon probably makes a person genocidal.

“Everyone in front of me in line should just die!”


He apologized, saying he was overwhelmed and used hyperbole. I totally believe him! Having attended SDCC since before there was an SDCC, I understand feeling overwhelmed and shaky. That whole lot was hungry, the banter onstage being the BvS cast (who were hungry) stating they would stomp all over the Suicide Squad cast (who were really, really hungry) to get to craft services, to which Batfleck (who I am currently in love with) did not reply, but simply made it to the sandwiches first!