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Jerry Lewis talks Islamic State






I’m not going to be popular here, but I find these older guys refreshing. They say what they want without fear of retribution or being forced to change their opinion.

It’s good to hear another perspective now and again (whether you agree with it or not).


Are a lot American comedians right wing?

There seems to be a few anyway.

I ask because in the UK nearly all comedians are left wing.


This is the kind of stuff I always fear hearing from the artists I love. Jesus.

I’d say that most are pretty opaque in their politics in general, but that there’s probably a tendency towards being right-wing on issues surrounding views of ISIS and the effect they’ve had on the world, given free speech concerns. I mean, Charlie Hedbo et. al.


No, the vast major are left leaning.


No. They are all right wing.

The Comedy Store in Los Angeles is often referred to as the New Reichstag.


Though to be fair, that’s because Christo covered it in cling film.


I think it has less to do with speaking his mind and more to do with being more invested in the world as it is than taking care of people in it. His line on refugees is far from refreshing.


There’s nothing like the utterly uninformed speaking with complete authority. You know what would be refreshing?

“I don’t know enough about the subject to talk about it.”


I don’t often agree with you, but now I do and that certainly was… refreshing.

Well, there is Trump.


Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the video but I can’t imagine seeking out Jerry’s opinion about anything at this point in my life! :wink:


Hold on Jerry Lewis is still alive?


It’s almost like Dave Chapelle’s Ja Rule bit. Let’s get hold of Ja, he will make sense of all this.

For the ideology behind IS, I think this is the best thing out there.