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Jaws 4 screening in Glasgow - Don't miss this!


You know the great Billy Kirkwood? The comedian who hosted the Stan Lee Awards at Kapow?

Well, he and Joe Heenan are doing a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kinda thing with Jaws 4 at the CCA. If I’m here I’ll be there. Here’s all the details in an email from Billy himself…

"Hey dude,

Hope your well

Just a wee thought myself and Joe Heenan are doing a live Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style live commentary show at the CCA over Jaws 4 on Monday May 25th….up your alley at all?

Basically we put on Jaws 4 then rip the piss out it in front of audience. Last one we did was Masters of the Universe ands it was amazing (next one is due to be either Super Mario Brothers or Highlander 2 i think)

Anyhoo thought you might be interested If you or anyone you know fancy tickets just gimmie a shout and ill sort you out on the house.

Talk soon

B "



I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific!
(Michael Caine)