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Jason Re-Bourne (Spoilers Allowed)

I was really looking forward to this. The original 3 Damon films were excellent. The Legacy film with Hawkeye in the lead role was awful. I took my dad with me on Saturday to see this, he’s 76 but liked the Bourne films as well. The true mark of a great film is when you find yourself having to watch it when you are channel surfing, it’s late and it’s already been running for 20 minutes. Bourne 1-3 hit that criteria.

I was also conscious they had, literally, years to get the script right. Encouraging interview in Empire suggesting the film would touch on topical events like Snowdon and privacy in the modern age.

Instead it was operation re-tread stone. A direct lift of the first film with work on computers portrayed in a OP’s room while agents try to locate Bourne. Another rehash of earlier plot lines (there’s something else you don’t know about your past) a sub plot about the cia and a tech company that isn’t fully developed.

The old films had innovative fight choreography that changed the genre and forced Bond to change as well. The new film jettisons this and gives us a ridiculous car chase with the gritty realism replaced by a Bond/Fast and Furious law of physics, where the Paris hotel Vegas remains in view despite cars travelling the strip st speed.

What a massive, honking disappointment. Damon appeared disinterested as well. He’s largely silent throughout. Haven’t felt this cross with a film since MOS.

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Since I have not seen the earlier ones, when I heard this one was filming I decided to wait until it was out, then binge. I read all the Bourne books a while back, so maybe not as much adaptation shock. (Same for the Fast & Furious franchise.)

There does seem to be a problem with lead roles not having much dialogue. Someone said Cavill has 47 lines in BvS? That would not be a page to most scripts!

I liked Jason Bourne, but I don’t think it quite measures up the initial three. The scene during the riot in Athens was absolutely stunning.

I wasn’t crazy about Tommy Lee Jones in it. I think that sort of telegraphs the sort of character you’re going to see. I think that he can be a great actor, but I don’t think that I’ve seen him be good in more than a handful of movies in the last ten years.

That’s an interesting point. The first movie gave Matt Damon someone to talk to and exposit to. And then they kill her off a couple of minutes into the second movie leaving him to go on alone. . And Jason Bourne is a fairly inscrutable character in those movies if he’s not talking to someone.

I just came across this, which seems to say that it’s a more widespread trend to give the movies more global appeal.

I really enjoyed Jason Bourne though. I’d be tempted to say it’s my second-favourite (behind Ultimatum), but I’d need to watch it again before committing to that.


The weirdest part of the movie to me is how little Bourne cares about the mass surveillance plot. He has no interest in the hacked files (aside from the ones about his origin), and barely reacts when they’re all deleted.

He only prevents the assassination of the Zuckerberg guy at the end because he’s after the same bad guys for completely separate reasons, and just happens to be in the room at the time it’s going down.

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Might be worth marking this as a spoiler thread!


I get the feeling Jason at this point wants to invest his time, as well as emotionally and rationally, as little as humanly possible in whatever, unless he is forced to commit by necessity.

edit: While at the same time stop genocides and general atrocities from being commited. “Mass surveillance of the public? Bummer + No shit, Sherlock…”